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preventing, present participle; prevented, past tense; prevents, 3rd person singular present; prevented, past participle;
  1. Keep (something) from happening or arising
    • - action must be taken to prevent further accidents
  2. Make (someone or something) unable to do something
    • - window locks won't prevent a determined burglar from getting in
  3. (of God) Go before (someone) with spiritual guidance and help

  1. keep from happening or arising; make impossible; "My sense of tact forbids an honest answer"; "Your role in the projects precludes your involvement in the competitive project"
  2. stop (someone or something) from doing something or being in a certain state; "We must prevent the cancer from spreading"; "His snoring kept me from falling asleep"; "Keep the child from eating the marbles"
  3. PReVENT is a European automotive industry activity co-funded by the European Commission to contribute to road safety by developing and demonstrating preventive safety applications and technologies.
  4. To stop; to keep (from happening). [from 16th c.]; To take preventative measures. [from 16th c.]; To come before; to precede. [16th-18th c.]; To outdo, surpass. [16th-17th c.]
  5. Program in Ex Vivo Vein Graft Engineering via Transfection; Proliferation Reduction Using Vascular Energy Trial; Prospective Randomized Evaluation of the Vascular Effects of Norvasc Trial
  6. diabetes and has the potential to slow the growth of cancer cells. This is because Maple syrup has ... The mouthwatering maple syrup has many health benefits. Read on to find out more.   A breakfast of pancakes with maple syrup and ice cream, is my idea of a holiday meal. Now a recent study has ...
  7. The defensive formation of three down linemen, and the rest covering the long ball- a D that will prevent you from winning the game because the O will be running a WCO.
  8. To deter; to deflect; to hinder.
  9. (v) çırmarģa, tıyarģa