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presences, plural;
  1. The state or fact of existing, occurring, or being present in a place or thing
    • - her presence still comforts me
    • - the presence of chlorine in the atmosphere
    • - the memorial was unveiled in the presence of 24 veterans
  2. A person or thing that exists or is present in a place but is not seen
    • - the monks became aware of a strange presence
  3. A group of people, esp. soldiers or police, stationed in a particular place
    • - the USA would maintain a presence in the Indian Ocean region
  4. The impressive manner or appearance of a person
    • - Richard was not a big man, but his presence was overwhelming
    • - he has a real physical presence

  1. the state of being present; current existence; "he tested for the presence of radon"
  2. the immediate proximity of someone or something; "she blushed in his presence"; "he sensed the presence of danger"; "he was well behaved in front of company"
  3. an invisible spiritual being felt to be nearby
  4. the impression that something is present; "he felt the presence of an evil force"
  5. bearing: dignified manner or conduct
  6. present(a): temporal sense; intermediate between past and future; now existing or happening or in consideration; "the present leader"; "articles for present use"; "the present topic"; "the present system"; "present observations"
  7. Presence is the seventh studio album by the English rock band Led Zeppelin, released by Swan Song Records on 31 March 1976. ...
  8. In an amplifier, a presence control controls "presence". A presence control boosts the upper mid-range frequencies. Thus by increasing the presence with the presence control, the sounds of voices and such instruments seem more "present".
  9. Presence was a short-lived British punk rock / alternative metal band started by Gary Biddles, Lol Tolhurst, and Michael Dempsey. Dempsey and Tolhurst were founding members of The Cure, and Biddles was a former Cure roadie who previously played in Fools Dance with Simon Gallup. ...
  10. The Presence is a fictional representation of the primary deity of Judeo-Christian beliefs, and is a comic book character published by DC Comics. The character debuted in More Fun Comics #52, (February 1940), and was created by Jerry Siegel and Bernard Baily.
  11. In computer and telecommunications networks, presence information is a status indicator that conveys ability and willingness of a potential communication partner--for example a user--to communicate. ...
  12. Sergei Krylov is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics Universe.
  13. The fact or condition of being present, or of being within sight or call, or at hand; The part of space within one's immediate vicinity; A quality of poise and effectiveness that enables a performer to achieve a close relationship with his audience; Something (as a spirit) felt or believed to be ...
  14. (present) The current moment or period of time; To reveal, to show; To offer to a court or legislature for consideration; To demand that a drawee pay, or that the presenter's bank accept, (a draft); To award a trophy, gift, etc, to; To come to the attention of medical staff; Relating to now ...
  15. (Present) To submit for consideration or action. Immediate, not in the future.
  16. (present) in attendance; at the particular place
  17. ((1991-Present)) Vitold Fokin • Valentyn Symonenko* • Leonid Kuchma • Yukhym Zvyahilsky* • Vitaliy Masol • Yevhen Marchuk • Pavlo Lazarenko • Vasyl Durdynets* • Valeriy Pustovoitenko • Viktor Yushchenko • Anatoliy Kinakh • Viktor Yanukovych • Mykola Azarov* • Viktor Yanukovych • Mykola Azarov* • ...
  18. ((to) Present) used as verb in medicine, meaning "to exhibit" a symptom or a condition (a medical idiom).
  19. (1999-Present) Member of Volunteer Committees for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
  20. (PRESENT) (verb)—To emerge into external consciousness and take part in life.
  21. (Present (Christmas)) "Why did you give me a clock for Christmas?" "Because there's no present like the time!"
  22. (Present (PRES)) population totals describe the population currently associated with the selected facility
  23. (Present) (Of a condition) Show itself, be manifest, appear, occur; (Of a patient) Come forward for or undergo an examination (with a symptom).
  24. (Present) AIDS ♠ Chocolate Rain ♠ Culexor ♠ Computer Science III ♠ Jena Six ♠ P.A. Palace ♠ Black People Love Us!
  25. (Present) As of the last reported date. This is not to be confused with current, which means “not delinquent.”