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First in importance, order, or position; leading,
  1. First in importance, order, or position; leading
    • - Germany's premier rock band
    • - the premier national publication
  2. Of earliest creation
    • - the premier issue of the quarterly
  1. A Prime Minister or other head of government

  2. (in Australia and Canada) The chief minister of a government of a state or province

  1. be performed for the first time; "We premiered the opera of the young composer and it was a critical success"
  2. Prime Minister: the person who holds the position of head of the government in the United Kingdom
  3. premier(a): first in rank or degree; "an architect of premier rank"; "the prime minister"
  4. chancellor: the person who is head of state (in several countries)
  5. preceding all others in time; "the premiere showing"
  6. (premiership) the office of premier
  7. The Premier Motor Manufacturing Company was organized in 1903 by George A. Weidely and Harold O. Smith in Indianapolis, Indiana. A 1903 Premier is on display in the Speedway Museum, Indianapolis. A 1918 Premier is on display at Space Farms Zoo & Museum, Sussex, NJ.
  8. Premier Ltd. (formerly The Premier Automobiles Limited) is a manufacturer of vehicles based in Mumbai, India.
  9. Premier was a smokeless cigarette released in the United States in 1988 by the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. ...
  10. Premier Motorcycles was a British motorcycle manufacturer. Originally founded as a bicycle manufacturer by W. H. Herbert and William Hillman in 1876, the "Hillman and Herbert Cycle Company" was renamed the "Premier Cycle Co. ...
  11. In South Africa, a Premier is the head of government of one of South Africa's nine provinces. The Premier of a province plays for that province a role similar to that played by the President for the country as a whole.
  12. Premier is a municipality in the district of Orbe in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland.
  13. The head of a country's cabinet, see Prime minister; The head of a state or provincial government; The first lieutenant or other second-in-command officer of a ship; To perform, display or exhibit for the first time; Foremost, very first or very highest in quality or degree
  14. (Premiership) The ultimate prize, equivalent to the Super Bowl trophy.
  15. premiership: The premiership class at a North American show is open to altered adult cats that are purebred and registered and meet the standard for their breed. In some associations, this class is called the \"alter class.\"
  16. The first in importance or rank, the chief. In the past the leader of a colony was called a premier. Today the leader of a province or territory is called a premier.
  17. a blend aimed specifically at the Japanese market.
  18. The President of the Executive Council is usually called the Premier.
  19. The leader of the political party electing the most members of the Legislative Assembly (in the case of a majority government) or having the support of a majority in the Assembly.
  20. the chief minister of a state government.
  21. (2P) members, who accumulate at least 25,000 Elite Qualifying Miles (EQM) or fly 30 segments, are offered priority boarding, free access to Economy Plus seating, upgrade privileges from any fare, complimentary 500-mile e-upgrades and a 25% mileage bonus on flown miles. ...
  22. The head of government, especially at a level below the national government.
  23. The chief elected official of a Canadian province.
  24. also refers to a particular brand of ornament.  Often confused with Shiny Brites because of shape and color similarities.  These gems were also popular mid century, but they are some of the harder to find ornaments on Ebay.
  25. In general, a Premier is a neutered cat.  In order to become a Premier a cat must be neutered or spayed and receive six Winner's Ribbons in competition in the Premiership Class. ...