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preconditions, plural;
  1. Condition (an action) to happen in a certain way
    • - inquiries are always preconditioned by cultural assumptions
  2. Condition or influence (a person or animal) by exposing them to stimuli or information prior to the relevant behavioral situation
    • - the anthropologist is not preconditioned to interact with those he studies
    • - the protective effect of preconditioning
  3. Bring (something) into the desired state for use
    • - preconditioned paper
  1. A condition that must be fulfilled before other things can happen or be done
    • - a precondition for peace

  1. condition: an assumption on which rests the validity or effect of something else
  2. put into the required condition beforehand
  3. given: an assumption that is taken for granted
  4. a condition that is a prerequisite
  5. In computer programming, a precondition is a condition or predicate that must always be true just prior to the execution of some section of code or before an operation in a formal specification.
  6. A requirement which must be satisfied before taking a course of action; To condition in advance
  7. Dependencies that are required for the test case to run
  8. Environmental and state conditions that must be fulfilled before the component or system can be executed with a particular test or test procedure.
  9. Condition that must be fulfilled before a project can become effective (when disbursement against the loan becomes possible).
  10. An assertion that should be true on entry to a method or other entry point. See design by contract.
  11. What must be true before something can happen. Contrast postcondition.
  12. a fact or set of facts that must be true before an action can be taken; e.g., before a robot can pick up an object, its hand must be empty.
  13. A predicate that a specification requires to be true for an action to occur.
  14. A constraint that must be true when a use case is invoked.
  15. A filter that is used to restrict the use of a requirement to a particular type of student. This concept is used in the Academic Advisement application.
  16. An expression that has to be met before the task can be executed.A task’s precondition is examined when, and only when, its scheduling constraints are met. If at that moment the precondition is false, the task is discarded. Otherwise, it becomes in progress. ...
  17. A Condition that must be satisfied before a use case may begin.