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prams, plural; praams, plural;
  1. A flat-bottomed sailboat

  2. A small, flat-bottomed rowboat for fishing

  1. baby buggy: a small vehicle with four wheels in which a baby or child is pushed around
  2. Pram are an experimental band who formed in the Balsall Heath/Moseley area of Birmingham, England in 1990.
  3. A pram or pramm describes a type of shallow-draught flat-bottomed ship.
  4. (PRAMS) Passenger Reservation and Manifest System
  5. (PRAMS) pregnancy risk assessment monitoring system
  6. A type of dinghy with a flat bow.
  7. Parameter Random Access Memory
  8. Parameter RAM: the Mac’s method of storing data such as memory, keyboard, mouse, video and other settings. May become corrupted, at which point it must be reset. See zap
  9. (C++, Pascal, Fortran, C, and Mathematica)
  10. In Britain this is a baby carriage. The term is short for “perambulator”. It’s also sometimes used as “pram-face”, an uncommon slang term for “baby-face”.
  11. Parameter RAM. The RAM shared by one or more eTPU engines and the host. eTPU_C generates host interface information for this RAM. The host program allocates RAM space for the ETPU_function parameters and statics during ETPU_function and channel initialization. ...
  12. n. An abbreviation for the esoteric "perambulator", this is the rather old-fashioned wheeled device used to carry one's offspring around - known in the US as a baby carriage, baby buggy or stroller (which is oddly similar to perambulator).
  13. ("p-ram") holds the basic settings of a Macintosh such as the date/time, hardware, etc. On a PC, PRAM is called CMOS To reset (or "zap") a Mac's PRAM, hold down Apple + Opt + P + R on startup.
  14. n. 1. Baby buggy. The term pram is actually a short form of perambulator. These are in great use throughout the U.K. Elaborate covers are available to keep the rain out so the baby doesn't drown.
  15. A flat bottomed, blunt nosed dinghy (or small boat).
  16. A type of stroller, usually associated with the Victorian Era.  Prams consist of high wheels, a bassinet-like bed, and a canopy to block the sun.  Also known as a buggy.
  17. A dinghy with a transom at the bow and stern.
  18. baby buggy, device for baby to lay or sit in, often 3 or 4 wheels.
  19. Flash memory, with no moving parts to break or wear down, is the data storage technology of choice for devices such as iPods and digital cameras. ...
  20. Perameter RAM. Mac Only. A chip that stores information that your computer uses to keep track of time, date, and some other changeable settings. These are maintained by a battery, which needs to be changed periodically. Can cause problems if battery goes dead, but is simple to replace.
  21. A baby pram is another name for a baby carriage. It is a back facing bassinet-style stroller with high wheels and extra padding. Prams were common in the 1800s and made famous when Queen Victoria bout three for her new children in the 1840s. ...
  22. Parameter RAM is the high area of RAM reserved for storage of miscellaneous manufacturing information by Apple, time and date, etc. These settings will be lost if the battery is removed or when the pRAM is zapped from the keyboard or by a utility like TechTool. ...
  23. A square-ended dinghy
  24. baby carriage/baby buggy