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prairies, plural;
  1. A large open area of grassland, esp. in the Mississippi River valley

  2. A steam locomotive of 2-6-2 wheel arrangement

  1. a treeless grassy plain
  2. Prairies are considered part of the temperate grasslands, savannas and shrublands biome by ecologists, based on similar temperate climates, moderate rainfall, and grasses, herbs, and shrubs, rather than trees, as the dominant vegetation type. ...
  3. The Prairie: A Tale (1827) is a novel by James Fenimore Cooper, the third novel written by him featuring Natty Bumppo. His fictitious frontier hero Bumppo is never called by his name, but is instead referred to as "the trapper" or "the old man. ...
  4. (Prairies (ecozone)) The Prairies Ecozone is a Canadian terrestrial ecozone which spans the southern areas of the Prairie provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. It is a productive agricultural area, and is commonly referred to as "Canada's breadbasket". ...
  5. (The Prairies) The Canadian Prairies is a region of Canada, specifically in western Canada, which may correspond to several different definitions, natural or political. ...
  6. An extensive area of relatively flat grassland with few, if any, trees, especially in North America
  7. (Prairies) Extensive treeless tracts, covered with tall coarse grass, situated ill Central and North America.
  8. To dream of a prairie, denotes that you will enjoy ease, and even luxury and unobstructed progress. An undulating prairie, covered with growing grasses and flowers, signifies joyous happenings. A barren prairie, represents loss and sadness through the absence of friends. ...
  9. A large, flat plain with a lot of grass and almost no trees, such as the Great Plains of North America.
  10. The level, unforested farm region of the midwestern United States.
  11. in North America, that portion of the northern and eastern plains occupied by tall grasses. Trees are absent or sparse except along watercourses.
  12. Nearly level or rolling grassland, originally treeless, and usually characterized by fertile soil.
  13. Land predominately covered in grasses.
  14. a region of flat or hilly land dominated by tall grasses, typical of the American Middle West.
  15. a grassland that is adapted to conditions where evaporation exceeds precipitation.
  16. Extensive natural grassland on large generally flat plains, mostly without trees.
  17. Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, this style indicates the use of surrounding natural objects to construct a design. For example a house in the woods would have a design using mainly wood materials. It is also known as arts and crafts.
  18. locomotive with a 2-6-2 or 2-6-2T wheel arrangement
  19. a type of clam, here compared to the whale's head.
  20. A large area of level or rolling grassland. (SS)
  21. A wide, relatively flat area of land that has grasses and only a few trees. (see more about prairies)
  22. Nickname for the Rose Hill Gym
  23. a grassy, unforested area.
  24. Grasslands, particularly that which formerly covered much of the central plains of North America, consisting of rich soil and a variety of grasses and forbs and generally covering a wide area.
  25. by Cooper, James Fenimore