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Without ability, influence, or power,
  1. Without ability, influence, or power
    • - troops were powerless to stop last night's shooting

  1. lacking power
  2. (powerlessly) in a powerless manner
  3. (powerlessness) the quality of lacking strength or power; being weak and feeble
  4. Powerless is a comic book series published by Marvel Comics. The series, which began in 2004, is written by Matt Cherniss and Peter Johnson and penciled by artist Michael Gaydos. It had a six issue run, all of which are now published together in a trade paperback collection.
  5. "Powerless" is the eleventh and final episode of the second season of the NBC science fiction drama series Heroes and thirty-fourth episode overall. It was written by co-executive producer Jeph Loeb and directed by executive producer Allan Arkush. ...
  6. "Powerless (Say What You Want)" is a pop song written by Nelly Furtado, Gerald Eaton and Brian West for Furtado's second studio album Folklore (2003). It contains a sample of Malcolm McLaren's "Buffalo Gals" which was written by Anne Dudley, Trevor Horn and Malcolm McLaren. ...
  7. (Powerlessness) An addict's or alcoholic's alleged helplessness over the urge to drink or use substances in an addictive way. Some in the 12-step sub­culture say that they are also powerless over “people, places and things.”
  8. (Powerlessness) Inability to control the use of alcohol or other drugs by self will. Also, the inability to control the alcohol or other drug use of another.
  9. (Powerlessness) The inability to engage in a behavior moderately. Also, if a behavior must be stopped altogether, the inability to stop it by yourself. Probably a life-long experience.
  10. 6. Spider-man, Wolverine & Daredevil cover.
  11. impuissant / inefficace