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Able to be done; within the power or capacity of someone or something,
  1. Able to be done; within the power or capacity of someone or something
    • - surely it's not possible for a man to live so long?
    • - what are the possible alternatives?
    • - contact me as soon as possible
    • - I'd like the report this afternoon, if possible
  2. Able to happen although not certain to; denoting a fact, event, or situation that may or may not occur or be so
    • - a new theory emerged about the possible cause of the plane crash
    • - it is possible that he will have to return to the hospital
  3. Able to be or become; potential
    • - he was a possible future customer
  4. Having as much or as little of a specified quality as can be achieved
    • - children need the best education possible
    • - the shortest possible route
  5. (of a number or score) As high as is achievable in a test, competition, or game
    • - he scored 723 points out of a possible 900
  1. A person or thing that has the potential to become or do something, esp. a potential candidate for a job or membership on a team
    • - I have marked five possibles with an asterisk
  2. That which is likely or achievable
    • - they were living right at the edge of the possible

  1. capable of happening or existing; "a breakthrough may be possible next year"; "anything is possible"; "warned of possible consequences"
  2. something that can be done; "politics is the art of the possible"
  3. an applicant who might be suitable
  4. potential: existing in possibility; "a potential problem"; "possible uses of nuclear power"
  5. (possibleness) possibility: capability of existing or happening or being true; "there is a possibility that his sense of smell has been impaired"
  6. (possibly) by chance; "perhaps she will call tomorrow"; "we may possibly run into them at the concert"; "it may peradventure be thought that there never was such a time"
  7. The Possible (เก๋า..เก๋า, Kao ... Kao) is a 2006 Thai musical-comedy film. It stars Thai rapper Joey Boy (Apisit Opsasaimlikit) as the leader of a 1970s rock group (Thai string combo) that finds themselves transported by a time machine-microphone to the present day. ...
  8. A possible one; A possible choice, notably someone being considered for a position; A particular event that may happen; Able but not certain to happen; not impossible; Capable of being done or achieved; feasible; Being considered, e.g. for a position
  9. (possibly) Indicates that the proposition may be true (is not certainly false) regardless of any facts or circumstances known to, stated by or implied by the speaker; Indicates that the action may successfully be performed (is not impossible) regardless of any facts or circumstances known to, ...
  10. (Possibles) A small but highly important collection of valuables the trapper kept by his side in his shooting pouch. Losing these items could be the difference between life and death for the trapper!
  11. (possibly) A111-2 Dyn. VCO uses CEM3394
  12. (possibly) something like 'get you’re a$$es over here'.  The Jaffa guarding the prisoners run toward the voice when this is shouted
  13. What might be the case, as opposed to what's necessary (what must be the case) and what's actual (what really is the case).
  14. refers to the level of confidence that one has concerning a genealogical fact. In this case, it suggests that the "fact" is not contradicted by other known and accepted facts. ...
  15. Within the limits of ones abilities. Capable of happening or existing.
  16. means something capable of happening or being true, not something that is according to chance. [So, anything is not really possible.]
  17. In this text, we restrict attention to logical possibility. Roughly what is logically possible is what the language allows to be true: sentences which are not logically false. A possible situation is described by an interpretation. ...
  18. if it might be true (regardless of whether it is or is not actually true);