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The flesh of a pig used as food, esp. when uncured,
  1. vulgar. (of a man) Have sexual intercourse with

  2. Stuff oneself with food; overeat
    • - I porked out on the roast pig
  1. The flesh of a pig used as food, esp. when uncured

  1. meat from a domestic hog or pig
  2. pork barrel: a legislative appropriation designed to ingratiate legislators with their constituents
  3. Pork is the culinary name for meat from the domestic pig (Sus domesticus), which is eaten in many countries. ...
  4. Pork is an Argentine post-grunge band founded in 2002 by the Bar Rabia twins. The band members are Cesar Bar Rabia on vocals, Ton Bar Rabia on guitar, Nino Conde on guitar, David Ortiz on bass, and Paulo Torres on drums.
  5. Pork barrel is a derogatory term referring to appropriation of government spending for localized projects secured solely or primarily to bring money to a representative's district. The usage originated in American English.
  6. (Porking) Sexual intercourse, also known as copulation or coitus, commonly refers to the act in which the male reproductive organ enters the female reproductive tract. Britannica entry. The two entities may be of opposite sexes, or they may be hermaphroditic, as is the case with snails. ...
  7. The meat of a pig; swineflesh; Funding proposed or requested by a member of Congress for special interests or his/her constituency as opposed to the good of the country as a whole; To have sex (with someone)
  8. If you eat pork in your dreams, you will encounter real trouble, but if you only see pork, you will come out of a conflict victoriously. See Bacon.
  9. Material held for later use, if needed.
  10. includes bacon, pork chops, ham (including canned), roasts, sausage, and other cuts of pork.
  11. One of the many foods forbidden under Jewish dietary laws. The prohibition against eating pork is the one best known, because throughout history people have oppressed Jews by forcing us to eat pork.
  12. The flesh of domestic swine. Today's pork is leaner (1/3 fewer calories) and higher in protein than a decade ago. And with improved feeding techniques, trichinosis has become extremely rare. Most pork is slaughtered at 6 to 9 months.
  13. This was "salt pork," always a favorite among sailors. It was dried and salted down, and had to be soaked in water to be returned to edibility. Regrettably, the process removed all the vitamin C, since ascorbic acid is water-soluble. So the pork was no help in staving off scurvy.
  14. Name of Andy Warhol's notorious underground play supported and attended on a number of occasions by Bowie and Angela in London during its performance from 2-28 August 1971. A number of its UK cast were to later become MainMan employees specifically tasked with promoting Bowie.
  15. excessive government spending; spending projects that favor particular cities, states, and businesses.
  16. the weight of the slaughtered pig’s cold body, either whole or divided in half along the mid-line, after being bled and eviscerated and after removal of the tongue, bristles, hooves, genitalia, flare fat, kidneys and diaphragm.
  17. make base un-usable by destroying hangars, fuel, etc
  18. the flesh of hogs, usually slaughtered under the age of 1 year.
  19. The domestic pig is farmed for its meat called pork. Products made of pork include sausage, bacon and ham.
  20. Extraneous items that members of Congress tack onto bills to benefit specific interests in their congressional districts or home state.
  21. Benefits to someone else’s congressional district that are the reason we have a massive debt to China.  [antonym: “Ice Tea money” An article posted in 1994 (real!) said, “Lawmakers Hope 'Ice Tea' Will Quench Their Thirst For Special Projects. ...
  22. The most versatile meat ever.  Whether it be a smothered roast, smoked ham hocks, or ground into sausage, pork adds flavor and unctuousness to everything.  Cajun cooking relies heavily on pork.
  23. ღორის ხორცი ( ghoh-rees khor-tsee )
  24. The meat from swine.
  25. Fresh meat from pigs of any age.