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pops, 3rd person singular present; popping, present participle; popped, past participle; popped, past tense;
  1. Of or relating to commercial popular music
    • - a pop star
    • - a pop group
  2. Of, denoting, or relating to pop art

  3. (esp. of a technical, scientific, or academic subject) Made accessible to the general public; popularized
    • - pop psychology
  1. Make a sudden, sharp, explosive sound
    • - corks popped, glasses tinkled, and delicate canapés were served
  2. Cause (something) to burst, making such a sound
    • - they were popping balloons with darts
  3. (of a person's ears) Make a small popping sound within the head as pressure is equalized, typically because of a change of altitude

  4. Heat (popcorn or another foodstuff) until it bursts open, making such a sound

  5. (of popcorn or another foodstuff) Burst open in such a way

  6. (of a person's eyes) Bulge or appear to bulge when opened wide, esp. as an indication of surprise

  7. Shoot (a gun)

  8. Shoot (something) with a gun

  9. Go somewhere, typically for a short time and often without notice
    • - she popped in to see if she could help
  10. Put or move (something) somewhere quickly
    • - he popped his head around the door
  11. (of a batter) Hit a pop fly

  12. (of a pitcher) Cause (a batter) to pop up

  13. Take or inject (a drug)
    • - people who obsessively drink and pop pills
  14. Pawn (something)

  1. Commercial popular music, in particular accessible, tuneful music of a kind popular since the 1950s and sometimes contrasted with rock, soul, or other forms of popular music

  2. A pop record or song

  1. With a sudden explosive sound
    • - the champagne went pop

  1. dad: an informal term for a father; probably derived from baby talk
  2. like a pop or with a pop; "everything went pop"
  3. popular: (of music or art) new and of general appeal (especially among young people)
  4. start: bulge outward; "His eyes popped"
  5. a sweet drink containing carbonated water and flavoring; "in New England they call sodas tonics"
  6. hit a pop-fly; "He popped out to shortstop"
  7. Music and Lyrics is a 2007 American romantic comedy film written and directed by Marc Lawrence. It focuses on the relationship that evolves between a former pop music idol (of the fictional band PoP! similar to Wham! ...
  8. Pop! were a UK pop group consisting of Glenn Ball, Hannah Lewis, Jamie Tinkler, and Jade McGuire. The group was formed in the summer of 2003 when they were signed by Pete Waterman. They released three singles on the Sony/BMG record label, but disbanded in early 2005, due to poor record sales.
  9. Pop is the ninth studio album by Irish rock band U2, released in March 1997. The album was a continuation of the band's 1990s reinvention, as they pursued a new musical direction by combining alternative rock, techno, dance, and electronica influences. ...
  10. In computer science, a stack is a last in, first out (LIFO) abstract data type and data structure. A stack can have any abstract data type as an element, but is characterized by only two fundamental operations: push and pop. ...
  11. An ice pop is a frozen water-based dessert on a stick. It is made by freezing coloured, flavoured liquid (such as fruit juice) around a stick. Once the liquid freezes solid, the stick can be used as a handle to hold the ice pop. ...
  12. Pop is the final album by Wolfgang Voigt's Gas project. It was released in 2000 on the Mille Plateaux label. ...
  13. Acronym of probability of precipitation; Acronym of point of presence; Acronym of Post Office Protocol
  14. A loud, sharp sound as of a cork coming out of a bottle; An effervescent or fizzy drink most frequently nonalcoholic; soda pop; A bottle, can, or serving of effervescent or fizzy drink, most frequently nonalcoholic; soda pop; Shortened from pop shot: a quick, possibly unaimed, shot with a ...
  15. Originally, a social club and debating society at Eton College; now the body of college prefects
  16. For wireless, POPs generally refers to the number of people in a specific area where wireless services are available (the population). For traditional ‘landline’ communications, a “Point of Presence” defines the interconnection point between the two networks.
  17. (Pops) (n.): salutation for all males (see gate; Jack).
  18. (POPs) Persistent organic pollutants are chemicals that remain intact in the environment for long periods, become widely distributed geographically, accumulate in the fatty tissue of living organisms, and are toxic to humans and wildlife. ...
  19. (POPS) Parachutists Over €˜Phorty€™ Society for jumpers aged 40+
  20. (POPS) is nothing else than POP trough a SSL or TLS tunnel. It protects the communication between a mail server and a mail user agent if the user reads and manage it's mail.
  21. (POPs) The population within a mobile operator's licensed area. Confusingly, within the Internet world, the same abbreviation is used to describe Points of Presence.
  22. (Pops (Choke)) A shot that touches both the floor and the wall simultaneously. The ball may either pop high up or bounce away from the wall momentarily and then come to an immediate halt. It is considered "out" and usually occurs when a player is attempting a kill. ...
  23. (Pops) (plosives & syllabants) – unwanted sounds hitting the mic, usually from bursts of air on certain sounds, especially Bs and Ps like the word “people” or the sound of S and Z as in “seasons.”
  24. (Pops) Piloted Gold 5 at Battle of Yavin. Real name Davish Krail. Veteran  Rebel pilot. Flew fighters for two decades. Wingman of Gold Leader.
  25. Hard candy pops filled with Dulce de Leche which is served on a stick similar to a lollipop.