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plights, plural;
  1. Pledge or promise solemnly (one's faith or loyalty)

  2. Be engaged to be married to

  1. A dangerous, difficult, or otherwise unfortunate situation
    • - we must direct our efforts toward relieving the plight of children living in poverty

  1. betroth: give to in marriage
  2. predicament: a situation from which extrication is difficult especially an unpleasant or trying one; "finds himself in a most awkward predicament"; "the woeful plight of homeless people"
  3. a solemn pledge of fidelity
  4. pledge: promise solemnly and formally; "I pledge that I will honor my wife"
  5. The Plight is a hard rock band from Leeds, England. The band formed in the winter of 2005 and has released a demo, two EPs and one album. The Plight have toured the UK and Europe extensively with bands such as Gallows and Converge. The Plight are endorsed by Gibson Guitars.
  6. (Plights) An oath (from Anglo-Saxon ', also called plight''') is either a statement of fact or a promise calling upon something or someone that the oath maker considers sacred, usually God, as a witness to the binding nature of the promise or the truth of the statement of fact. ...
  7. Danger, risk; That which is exposed to risk; that which is plighted or pledged; security; a gage; a pledge; To expose to risk; to pledge; Specifically, to pledge (one's troth etc.) as part of a marriage ceremony; To promise (oneself) to someone, or to do something
  8. (plightful) Full of risk or danger; risky; dangerous; perilous; Full of plight; plighted; pledged; devoted
  9. (plightly) Dangerously; with peril
  10. pledge or promise. This meaning is now used only in the archaic "I plight thee my troth." ('I pledge you my vow' or 'I give you my promise')
  11. (n): condition (favorable or unfavorable). Favorable only: FS (3 -MWW, T&C, Sonnet 28); Golding Ovid, Abraham; Brooke Romeus.