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plateaus, plural; plateaux, plural;
  1. Reach a state of little or no change after a time of activity or progress
    • - the industry's problems have plateaued out
  1. An area of relatively level high ground

  2. A state of little or no change following a period of activity or progress
    • - the peace process had reached a plateau
  3. Denoting a group of American Indian peoples of the plateau country of western Canada and the US, including the Nez Percé

  1. tableland: a relatively flat highland
  2. In geology and earth science, a plateau, also called a high plain or tableland, is an area of highland, usually consisting of relatively flat terrain. A highly eroded plateau is called a dissected plateau. A volcanic plateau is a plateau produced by volcanic activity.
  3. PlatEAU is an electronic music project featuring cEvin Key and Phil Western. The project resembles a very loose approach to the Download project featuring the same members. ...
  4. Plateau is a two-player abstract strategy board game invented by Jim Albea.
  5. A plateau of a function is a part of its domain where the function has constant value.
  6. Plateau is a song written by alternative rock band the Meat Puppets, which first appeared on their 1984 album Meat Puppets II.
  7. Le Plateau-Mont-Royal (The Plateau) is a borough (arrondissement) of the city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
  8. A largely level expanse of land at a high elevation; tableland; A comparatively stable level in something that varies; Reach a stable level; level off
  9. (plateaus) periods during which growth is greatly reduced
  10. A period during which a scene is not advancing. Usually a bad thing.
  11. When any and all progress comes to a halt. Could be in your lifts or could be in your ability to drop fat, or lack there of. Plateaus suck, but everyone experiences them, so don’t cry over it
  12. All swimmers, even the world’s best, will experience what are termed “plateaus”.  It refers to a period of time when a swimmer sees little improvement in their best times.  Many factors need to be considered why swimmers experience plateaus, but usually perseverance and patience will break through.
  13. Period during training when no observable progress is being made.
  14. An elevated area of mostly level land, sometimes containing deep canyons. From the top of the plateau you can see for miles around.
  15. The time during which a wine is at its peak.
  16. in psychology, a period in which there is no progress in learning.
  17. Chainwheel. This usage is French, not English, and it is pretentious to use it when writing or speaking English.
  18. You may have heard this in some of our episodes. This is the area of Montreal, Canada where we podcast from!
  19. An extensive area of relatively flat land in an area of high relief. (Source: The Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Physical Geography, edited by Andrew Goudie et al. Blackwell Reference Ltd. Oxford, 1985.)
  20. A temporary or permanent leveling off in the recovery process.
  21. A high area with a flat top that may have deep canyons.
  22. A period or level at which something is stabilized for a time, represented on a graph as a horizontal line.
  23. (1) (Geographical) an elevated plain, tableland or flat-topped region of considerable extent. (2) (Oceanographical) an ELEVATION from the bottom of the OCEAN with a more or less flat top and steep sides.
  24. Point in an exercise program where no additional progress is being made (gains in strength, weight loss, increased endurance, etc). ...
  25. A word borrowed from geography. Here, in dieting, it means a stable level having been attained, where enough fat has been lost to match calorie intake with a lower metabolism.