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pineapples, plural;
  1. A large juicy tropical fruit consisting of aromatic edible yellow flesh surrounded by a tough segmented skin and topped with a tuft of stiff leaves

  2. The widely cultivated tropical American plant that bears this fruit. It is low-growing, with a spiral of spiny sword-shaped leaves on a thick stem

  3. A hand grenade

  1. a tropical American plant bearing a large fleshy edible fruit with a terminal tuft of stiff leaves; widely cultivated in the tropics
  2. Pineapple (Ananas comosus) is the common name for a tropical plant and its edible fruit which are coalesced berries. Pineapples are the only bromeliad fruit in widespread cultivation. It can be grown as an ornamental, especially from the leafy tops. ...
  3. The Dunmore Pineapple is a remarkable folly, said to "rank as the most bizarre building in Scotland." It is situated in Dunmore Park, approximately one kilometre northwest of Airth and the same distance south of Dunmore in the Falkirk council area, Scotland. ...
  4. A tropical plant native to South America, having thirty or more long, spined and pointed leaves surrounding a thick stem; The ovoid fruit of the pineapple plant, which has very sweet, white or yellow flesh, a tough, spiky shell and a tough, fibrous core; A hand grenade; An Australian fifty ...
  5. (Pineappleing) This is a night–time hair styling technique that is used to protect or preserve the hair by gathering the hair loosely in a high pony tail on the top of your head. Sleeping on a satin pillowcase or using a satin cap can greatly improve the effectiveness of this technique.
  6. (Pineapples) Dwi Yulius Kaisal on Fotopedia
  7. (Pineapples) Eating a pineapple in a dream point to social success and happiness. It also represents exotic holidays with family and friends.
  8. (pineapples) Bergonians love them, and cannot get enough of them.  Pineapples were certainly not indigenous to Bergonia, but with the very first one imported, probably in the early 1800's, Bergonians have been crazy about them. ...
  9. Pineapples can stun you if they hit you. You can rotate the analog stick to speed up the recovery process.
  10. To dream of pineapples, is exceedingly propitious. Success will follow in the near future, if you gather pineapples or eat them. ...
  11. Any of a number of variants of hold 'em in which each player gets three cards and must discard one at some point.
  12. Tool used in order to assist in suppressing a basement fire.
  13. An exceedingly juicy fruit with a distinctive tangy sweet taste. Pineapples must be picked when ripe because they won't ripen off the plant. The English named this fruit for its resemblance to a pine cone.
  14. Specific fruit flavour, often associated with California Chardonnay, particularly if heightened by oak. Primary component of 'tropical fruit'.
  15. A variation on Hold'em where players receive three cards each and are forced to discard one of them after the flop is dealt. Thus reverting to Hold'em.
  16. yumyumdoodledum yellow fruit that blows up after several (2.5) seconds. aka grenade. see also gib, pork riblets
  17. A carving detail commonly used on 19th Century furniture and home decor items (and today's reproductions) as a symbol of hospitality. Found frequently on 19 Century bed posts.
  18. Next to the banana is the second most popular tropical fruit. The pineapple fruit has many vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that are good for the digestive system and helps maintaining ideal weight and balanced nutrition. The pineapple is high in fiber and is a great source of vitamin C. ...
  19. Pineapple is a sweet fruit that has a lot of vitamin C with a smattering of other nutrients, such as folate, vitamin B6, thiamin, choline, magnesium, phophorous, maganese, omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids. Fresh is best because most canned and/or bottled fruit has added sugar.
  20. Bromelain is the effective exfoliating enzyme in this fruit which also rids skin of expired epidermal cells and can dissolve keratin over time.
  21. Very rare collector's item - exclusive to the White Hills opal field in south Australia. A cluster of Opalized crystals which are a pseudomorph of ikiate crystals.
  22. A type of large dark yellow tropical fruit, native to South America, with a mass of thin stiff leaves on top. It was first imported to Europe about the middle of the 18th century. (See pineapple recipes).
  23. Douche is automatically replaced with "pineapple" in the forums
  24. [P] twists middle finger at cheek several times. For a QuickTime movie of this sign, see ASL browser - pineapple.
  25. Pineapple is the common name for an edible fruit from the tropics. It is native to Paraguay & Brazil. Pineapple can be eaten fresh, or drank as a juice. It is widely used in everything from meat dishes to desserts & cocktails. ...