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pinched, past participle; pinching, present participle; pinched, past tense; pinches, 3rd person singular present;
  1. Grip (the skin of someone's body) tightly and sharply between finger and thumb

  2. Grip the skin of a part of the body of (someone) in such a way
    • - Rosa pinched her hard
  3. (of a shoe) Hurt (a foot) by being too tight

  4. Compress (the lips), esp. with worry or tension
    • - Aunt Rose pinched her thin lips together
  5. Remove (a bud, leaves, etc.) to encourage bushy growth

  6. Live in a frugal way
    • - if I pinch and scrape, I might manage
  7. Arrest (someone)
    • - I was pinched for speeding
  8. Steal
    • - he pinched a handful of candies
  9. Sail (a boat) so close to the wind that the sails begin to lose power

  1. An act of gripping the skin of someone's body between finger and thumb
    • - he gave her a gentle pinch
  2. An amount of an ingredient that can be held between fingers and thumb
    • - add a pinch of salt
  3. An arrest

  4. An act of theft or plagiarism

  1. squeeze tightly between the fingers; "He pinched her behind"; "She squeezed the bottle"
  2. a painful or straitened circumstance; "the pinch of the recession"
  3. an injury resulting from getting some body part squeezed
  4. crimp: make ridges into by pinching together
  5. pilfer: make off with belongings of others
  6. touch: a slight but appreciable amount; "this dish could use a touch of garlic"
  7. A pinch is a grip of a flexible object in which a portion is taken between two fingers or something of resemblance and squeezed so the gripped portion of the object is lifted from its normal level. By extension, that which is taken in the grip is referred to as a "pinch."
  8. A pinch in cooking is a very small amount of an ingredient, typically salt, sugar or spice. Traditionally it was defined as "an amount that can be taken between the thumb and forefinger". Historically the pinch was more precisely defined by some U.S. cookbooks as approximately teaspoon.
  9. Pinch (born Andrew Pinching on 5 September 1965 in Grantham, Lincolnshire) is the current drummer in punk band The Damned. He has been with the band since 1999. He attended the King's School in Grantham, where he was a founder member of the English Dogs.
  10. Rob Ellis, better known as Pinch, is a dubstep artist from Bristol, United Kingdom noted for his fusion of styles such as Reggae, World Music, and Dancehall with dubstep. He released his first album, Underwater Dancehall in 2007, on Tectonic records, which he founded. ...
  11. A pinch is the compression of an electrically conducting filament by magnetic forces. The conductor is usually a plasma, but could also be a solid or liquid metal. ...
  12. Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld is a late-night/early morning satirical talk show on the Fox News Channel, airing at 3:00 a.m. ET Tuesday through Saturday. The show covers a variety of topics, including news, entertainment, sports, gossip. It is hosted by former Maxim UK editor Greg Gutfeld.
  13. The action of squeezing a small amount of a person's skin and flesh, making it hurt; A small amount of powder or granules, such that the amount could be held between fingertip and thumb tip; An awkward situation of some kind (especially money or social) which is difficult to escape; An organic ...
  14. (pinched) When a race car on the outside squeezes the inside car going down into the turn, causing the inside car to fall behind.
  15. (Pinched) To narrow the front frame to match the grill shell.
  16. (Pinched) attacked more than 24x in less than 24 hours
  17. (pinched) stolen (or arrested)
  18. (Pinches) Community records Minute Books.
  19. (Pinching) The squeezing of index and middle fingers against the arrow nock during the draw, causing deflection of the arrow.
  20. (Pinching) Illegally removing chips from a bet after an unfavorable decision.
  21. (Pinching) illegal way of playing when a player removes the chips from the roulette table when the ball landed already.
  22. (Pinching) Removing terminal buds or growth to stimulate branching.
  23. (Pinching) A method of forming clay, which is well described by its name.
  24. (Pinching) To remove the twigs and branches by pinching with your index finger and thumb to make the plant bushy.
  25. (Pinching) A cheating technique that involves moving a losing bet from the table.