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pillows, plural;
  1. Rest (one's head) as if on a pillow

  2. Serve as a pillow for
    • - her shoulder pillowed his weary head
  1. A rectangular cloth bag stuffed with feathers, foam rubber, or other soft materials, used to support the head when lying down

  2. A piece of wood or metal used as a support; a block or bearing

  1. a cushion to support the head of a sleeping person
  2. rest on or as if on a pillow; "pillow your head"
  3. A pillow is a large cushion support for the head, usually used while sleeping in a bed, or for the body as used on a couch or chair. There are also throw pillows (also called toss pillows), which are pillows that are purely decorative and not designed for support or comfort. ...
  4. Theresa Jean Bell (born April 17, 1956), better known as Pillow, also known as The She-Beast, was a United States professional bodybuilder in the early 1980s.
  5. (The pillows) The Pillows (styled as the pillows) are a Japanese alternative rock band. During their long-running career, the group has released more than a dozen original studio albums, along with several EPs, singles and compilations. The Pillows are currently signed to the Avex Trax label.
  6. A soft cushion used to support the head in bed; To rest as on a pillow
  7. (Pillows) The soft tops of moguls or buried tree stumps or rocks after a fresh powder dump.
  8. To dream of a pillow, denotes luxury and comfort. For a young woman to dream that she makes a pillow, she will have encouraging prospects of a pleasant future.
  9. A gentle bulge on the surface of the water caused by an underwater obstruction. All such pillows have hard centers.
  10. A cushion of water that often forms on the upstream edge of large boulders. In big rapids the pillow is big enough to shove the bow or stern of a raft safely away from a boulder, a fact that boaters sometimes use to their advantage while running a rapid.
  11. The water that piles up upstream of a rock or other obstruction, creating an area of boils, and folds that tends to keep boaters off the rock.  Not all rocks form pillows.
  12. Used for head support, a pillow has a fabric shell with natural or synthetic fill. Pillows vary in size, firmness, fabric, fill and design, and are available in down, down alternative, foam and other materials.
  13. When water strikes the upstream side of a rock, it sometimes tends to "pile up" in a standing wave. These "pillows" tend to bounce a boat away from the rock and can be used as an aid to maneuvering... provided you don't wash into or over the rock. ...
  14. Water that builds up around a rock in the main current. Pillows are stuffed with rock.
  15. A build up of water on the upstream side of a boulder or underwater obstruction. Often called a cushion.
  16. a pillowed surface is one that is plumped up (like a pillow). Same as a crowning except that pillowing is almost exclusively associated with 3D whereas crowning can refer to 2D.
  17. The layer of slack water that pads the upstream face of rooks andother obstructions. The broader the upstream face, the more ample the pillow. Also called an eddy cushion.
  18. Comfort; support; looking for more intimacy with your partner / A need for rest, tenderness, or softness
  19. Block of timber mounted on the deck just inside the bow on which the inner end of the bowsprit was supported.
  20. Fluffy support for head. Comes in many shapes and sizes like the full-sized Body Pillow, Standard (20" x 26"), Queen (20" x 30"), King (20" x 36") and European Square (26" x 26").
  21. (2h)[5:] plumps pillow under tilted head.
  22. Formed by water pushing up against an obstacle, creating a mound.
  23. Smaller version of a Pouch that contains about 15 matchsticks. (See Pouch).
  24. object often bitten during Meyerpire sexin