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photos, plural;
  1. A photograph

  2. A photo finish

  1. photograph: a representation of a person or scene in the form of a print or transparent slide; recorded by a camera on light-sensitive material
  2. PHOTO was the name of an American photographic magazine geared towards men. It was published monthly by the Official Magazine Corporation beginning in June 1952. ...
  3. Photo is a French magazine about photography, published monthly by Hachette Filipacchi Médias. It is mostly focused on artistic aspects of photography rather than technical aspects. The editorial line is mostly oriented toward fashion and nude photography. ...
  4. "Photo" is the second single Ryan Cabrera released from his 2005 studio album You Stand Watching. Lisa Origliasso of The Veronicas, Cabrera's girlfriend at the time, played his love interest in the song's music video. In the Philippines, the song reached #21.
  5. (The Photos) The Photos were a British new wave band fronted by Wendy Wu, who had a top 5 album in the UK in 1980.
  6. photograph; To take a photograph
  7. (PHOTOS) Babe  Asian  Bikini  Black  Blonde  Hunk  Cat/Kitten  Dog/Puppy  AnimalFamily  Baby  Horse
  8. (PHOTOS) I am a potter and a beader - not a photographer - as you can no doubt see!  I have tried to
  9. (PHOTOS) depict the actual size of the coins, and are shot under normal lightning conditions. All enlargements are specified as such.
  10. (Photos) An application for managing a collection of photographs taken with the Camera application.
  11. (Photos) Battle for Tripoli, ongoing conflict in Libya
  12. (Photos) Built-in Apple app that handles the camera roll for iPhone and iPod touch 4, and synced photos and videos for iPhone and all generations of iPad and iPod touch.
  13. (Photos) Digital files containing your pictures. These can be digital photos, scanned film pictures or scanned artwork that you've created.
  14. (Photos) Due to the nature of photos on the web, items may appear slightly different in reality to how they look on the web site.
  15. (Photos) Hand and sun – Stock.Xchng user Henk L.;  Clear Zinc; Baby Blanket; Olay
  16. (Photos) Ideally scanned from negatives, transparencies and 35MM, photos can greatly enhance the visual graphical appeal of your web site with minimal expense. ...
  17. (Photos) More than 2,700 photos, charts, and tables that organize information and recap important details
  18. (Photos) Shaq through the years
  19. (Photos) The Northern Michigan Review, Inc. offers free photographic services to our advertisers for photos appearing in Northern Michigan Review, Inc. ads. Photos may not be submitted to agencies for use in ads. Any use of those photos outside of any Northern Michigan Review, Inc. ...
  20. (Photos) We are not professional photographers.  Colors may appear slightly different to each bidder due to individual monitor settings on your personal computer.  For that reason, colors may vary slightly between what you see on your screen and the product you receive. ...
  21. (Photos) thick, rectangular, glossy pieces of paper with pictures printed in colour; taken by a camera. See camera
  22. (Photos) you supply either by sending the photos themselves for us to scan and return, or by sending the digitized images on a diskette.
  23. Photo Galleries. Photos of Kevin & his friends and family.
  24. Photos is one of the media collections or categories in TNG. Photos allows you to associate photos to a Person or Family in TNG.
  25. Photos of the job site will suffice for providing a bid.  If it is a building please also include photos of the inside.