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petitions, plural;
  1. Make or present a formal request to (an authority) with respect to a particular cause
    • - Americans who moved west petitioned Congress for admission to the Union as states
    • - leaders petitioned the government to hold free elections soon
  2. Make a solemn or humble appeal to (a figure of authority)
    • - Russell petitioned her father for her hand in marriage
  3. Make a formal application to (a court) for a writ, judicial action in a suit, etc
    • - the custodial parent petitioned the court for payment of the arrears
    • - the process allows both spouses to jointly petition for divorce
  1. A formal written request, typically one signed by many people, appealing to authority with respect to a particular cause
    • - she was asked to sign a petition against plans to build on the local playing fields
  2. An appeal or request, esp. a solemn or humble one to a deity or a superior

  3. An application to a court for a writ, judicial action in a suit, etc
    • - a divorce petition

  1. request: a formal message requesting something that is submitted to an authority
  2. write a petition for something to somebody; request formally and in writing
  3. prayer: reverent petition to a deity
  4. (Petitioning (China)) Petitioning (also known as letters and calls, or xinfang or shangfang) is the administrative system for hearing complaints and grievances from individuals in the People's Republic of China. ...
  5. A formal, written request made to an official person or organized body, often containing many signatures; A compilation of signatures built in order to exert moral authority in support of a specific cause; A formal written request for judicial action; To make a request, commonly in written form
  6. (Petitioned) made a formal request
  7. (Petitioned) To request formally in an oral or written form
  8. (Petitioning) The application process to get onto a legal journal. At UMN, it starts after spring semester finals.
  9. (Petitioning) You may use forums to garner community opinions on a subject. An example would be to propose to the community an idea. The idea is to have consensus.
  10. ("Petitions") Includes all pleadings, filings, applications, complaints, appeals, replies, rejoinders, supplemental pleadings, other papers and documents to be filed before the Agency.
  11. (Petitions) a document containing allegations of child abuse or neglect that is typically filed by the CPS attorney in juvenile court.
  12. The document that initiates the filing of a bankruptcy proceeding, setting forth basic information regarding the debtor, including name, address, chapter under which the case is filed, and estimated amount of assets and liabilities.
  13. A document, usually containing signatures from many people, that is presented to a person or group in power by those asking for action on a matter
  14. A formal, written request filed with a civil official or government body addressing some specific grievance and course of action.
  15. A document submitted by a colony to the Grand Chapter. The petition is the final step in the approval process required for a colony to be installed or reinstalled as a chapter in Theta Chi Fraternity. ...
  16. A legal paper that starts a case.
  17. A written request to the court for an order.
  18. Documents filed in probate court to request that an action be taken, such as a petition to open an estate for probate.
  19. A written application to the court asking for specific action to be taken.
  20. If a consumer files a bankruptcy, but a judge has not yet ruled that it can proceed, it is known as bankruptcy petitioned.
  21. The document that initiates a bankruptcy case. The filing of the petition constitutes an order for relief and institutes the automatic stay. Events are frequently described as "prepetition", happening before the bankruptcy petition was filed, and "post petition", after the bankruptcy.
  22. A formal request made in writing to the court.
  23. Application for court order or other judicial action. In juvenile proceedings, a petition is a document alleging that a youth is delinquent, a status offender, or a dependent child and asking that the court assume jurisdiction over the juvenile.
  24. A formal request made to Parliament by citizens or bodies for redress of a grievance or for parliamentary approval or action. Such a request can only be presented to the House by a Member. Petitions must be filed with the Clerk.
  25. a document which commences a civil proceeding other than an action or law suit (which is commenced by a Statement of Claim); a Petition usually seeks from the court relief that is set out under a particular statute, for example a Petition for a Divorce under the federal Divorce Act;