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perseverances, plural;
  1. Steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success
    • - his perseverance with the technique illustrates his single-mindedness
    • - medicine is a field which requires dedication and perseverance
  2. Continuance in a state of grace leading finally to a state of glory

  1. doggedness: persistent determination
  2. the act of persisting or persevering; continuing or repeating behavior; "his perseveration continued to the point where it was no longer appropriate"
  3. (persevere) be persistent, refuse to stop; "he persisted to call me every night"; "The child persisted and kept asking questions"
  4. (persevering) diligent: quietly and steadily persevering especially in detail or exactness; "a diligent (or patient) worker"; "with persevering (or patient) industry she revived the failing business"
  5. Perseverance is the second studio release and the major-label debut by the American metalcore band Hatebreed. It was released in 2002 by Universal Records. "I Will Be Heard" is featured in the movie xXx and on its soundtrack. The bonus track "Condemned Until Rebirth" appeared on the Freddy vs. ...
  6. Perseverance is the official debut album by Percee P a New York-born underground rapper signed to Stones Throw Records.
  7. Perseverance is a solitaire card game played with a deck of 52 playing cards. The reason for the name is not known, but probably, the player must play this game with perseverance to succeed.
  8. Perseverance was an early steam locomotive that took part in the Rainhill Trials. Built by Timothy Burstall, Perseverance was damaged on the way to the trials and Burstall spent the first five days trying to repair his locomotive. ...
  9. Persevere is the fourth album by The Proclaimers, released in 2001. It was thirteen years after the group had a surprise hit with "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)", and the album did not receive the success of their previous work. The album's first single was "There's a Touch".
  10. continuing in a course of action without regard to discouragement, opposition or previous failure; persistent determination to adhere to a plan of direction; insistence
  11. (persevere) To persist steadfastly in pursuit of an undertaking, task, journey or mission in spite of distraction, difficulty, obstacles or discouragement
  12. (persevering) perseverance; Tending to persevere
  13. (persevere) remain constant to a purpose in spite of obstacles
  14. you persevere when you keep trying to do something without giving up.
  15. One of the seven modes. Its positive pole is persistence; its negative pole is immutability. In perseverance, one releases one's energy steadfastly.
  16. A continued persistence in an undertaking despite counterinfluences, opposition, or discouragement.
  17. Steady persistence in adhering to a course of action, a belief, or a purpose
  18. Perseverance is being steadfast and persistent. You commit to your goals and overcome obstacles, no matter how long it takes. When you persevere, you don't give keep going. Like a strong> ship in a storm, you don't become battered or blown off course. You just ride the waves.
  19. The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but a matter of will.
  20. a lowly virtue whereby mediocrity achieves an inglorious success.
  21. continued effort in spite of discouragement.
  22. To endure to the end. Theologically, the term “perseverance of the saints” is the teaching that salvation cannot be lost, that the saints will preserver to the end.
  23. The ability to keep moving though you mat feel temporary weakness.
  24. This concept fosters patience with self and others, ability to keep going in the face of adversity, healthy coping skills in dealing with negative emotions, and the ability to be content in a variety of circumstances. ...
  25. Percent of population indicating that perseverance is the most important value that could be taught to a child.