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Allowing or characterized by great or excessive freedom of behavior,
  1. Allowing or characterized by great or excessive freedom of behavior
    • - I was not a permissive parent
    • - the permissive society of the 60s and 70s
  2. Allowed but not obligatory; optional
    • - the Hague Convention was permissive, not mandatory
  3. Allowing a biological or biochemical process to occur
    • - the mutants grow well at the permissive temperature
  4. Allowing the infection and replication of viruses

  1. not preventive
  2. granting or inclined or able to grant permission; not strict in discipline; "direct primary legislation is largely permissive rather than prescriptive"; "permissive parents"
  3. (permissiveness) a disposition to allow freedom of choice and behavior
  4. When a cell or host is defined as permissive in virology, it refers to the fact that the virus is able to circumvent host defenses and is able to replicate. Usually this occurs when the virus has modulated one or several of the host cellular intrinsic defenses, and the host immune system. ...
  5. Permissive is a British film directed by Lindsay Shonteff. It was released in 1970 being produced by Jack Shulton with a Script by Jeremy Craig Dryden.
  6. (Permissiveness (biology)) In biology, permissiveness is a certain relationship between hormones and the target cell. ...
  7. Giving, or predisposed to give permission; lenient
  8. (Permissiveness) Conditions where parents attempt to exercise only minimum control over the child's behavior. The rules, proscriptions, and prescriptions that parents impose on children include only the barest controls needed for safety and physical health. ...
  9. (permissiveness) one hormone allows another hormone to cause an effect
  10. this parenting style is characterized by low demandingness with high responsiveness. The permissive parent is overly responsive to the child's demands, seldom enforcing consistent rules. The "spoiled" child often has permissive parents.
  11. An influence during development that permits differentiation to occur but does not specifically instruct cell fate.
  12. Soft-spoken; nondirective yet persuasive.
  13. (also called kneading) – involves squeezing, rolling and kneading the muscles and usually follows effleurage during Swedish massage.
  14. Baumrind's term for parenting style emphasizing self-expression and self-regulation.