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Musical instruments played by striking with the hand or with a hand-held or pedal-operated stick or beater, or by shaking, including drums, cymbals, xylophones, gongs, bells, and rattles,
  1. Musical instruments played by striking with the hand or with a hand-held or pedal-operated stick or beater, or by shaking, including drums, cymbals, xylophones, gongs, bells, and rattles
    • - percussion instruments
    • - the percussion section
  2. The striking of one solid object with or against another with some degree of force
    • - the clattering percussion of objects striking the walls and the shutters
  3. The action of tapping a part of the body as part of a diagnosis
    • - the chest sounded dull on percussion

  1. the act of playing a percussion instrument
  2. percussion section: the section of a band or orchestra that plays percussion instruments
  3. tapping a part of the body for diagnostic purposes
  4. (percuss) strike or tap firmly; "the doctor percussed his chest and back"
  5. A percussion instrument is any object which produces a sound when hit with an implement, shaken, rubbed, scraped, or by any other action which sets the object into vibration. The term usually applies to an object used in a rhythmic context or with musical intent.
  6. The percussion cap, introduced around 1830, was the crucial invention that enabled muzzle-loading firearms to fire reliably in any weather. ...
  7. Percussion is a method of tapping on a surface to determine the underlying structure, and is used in clinical examinations to assess the condition of the thorax or abdomen. It is one of the four methods of clinical examination, together with inspection, palpation and auscultation. ...
  8. the collision of two bodies in order to produce a sound; the sound so produced; the detonation of a percussion cap in a firearm; the tapping of the body as an aid to medical diagnosis; the section of an orchestra or band containing percussion instruments; such instruments considered as a ...
  9. (percussive) characterized by percussion; caused by or related to the action of striking or pounding something
  10. (Percussive) when referring to movement, the word ‘percussive’ is used to express a broken and attacked quality, which would be opposed to a fluid, or continuous quality. ...
  11. Forceful tapping on congested parts of the chest to facilitate postural drainage in persons with people with high-level tetraplegia.
  12. All instruments which normally make their sound when struck. Categories includes drums (snare, bass, etc.) as well as timpani, melodic percussion (glockenspiel, xylophone, marimba, etc.) and a wide variety of others (cymbals, triangle, claves, etc.).
  13. The group of instruments hit by sticks or mallets that keeps some beat or other.
  14. hitting or impact of one body against another, and the resulting shock, vibration or sound.
  15. A family of instruments in which sound is produced by striking the instrument
  16. a family of instruments usually struck with sticks, mallets or hands phasing, or canon, or round:  the same rhythm or melody is played with two or more starting points so that it overlaps with itself. Ex., the classic children’s song “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.”
  17. Rhythmic sounds performed by striking or beating one element against another.
  18. instruments that are played by hitting, shaking or scraping them.
  19. An assessment method in which the surface of the body is struck with the fingertips to obtain sounds that can be heard or vibrations that can be felt. It can determine the position, size, and consistency of an internal organ. ...
  20. In chest physiotherapy, a technique that includes clapping and vibrating the chest wall with one's hands.
  21. instruments that derive their sound from being shook or struck
  22. The type of ignition system used in some black powder firearms where a hammer or striker impacts a percussion cap which ignites the powder charge. See also Cap and Ball.
  23. a diagnostic proc. to determine the density of a body area that uses the sound produced by tapping the surface w/ the finger of an instrument
  24. Physical phenomenon used by spirit communicator in the Hydesville occurrences.
  25. Striking or hitting a stone or wood carving tool with force to make it function.