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For each (used with units to express a rate),
  1. For each (used with units to express a rate)
    • - a gas station that charges $1.29 per gallon
  2. By means of
    • - send it per express
  3. In accordance with
    • - made as per instructions
  4. Divided by a line in the direction of
    • - per bend
    • - per pale
    • - per saltire

  1. (peri) a beautiful and graceful girl
  2. (peri) (Persian folklore) a supernatural being descended from fallen angels and excluded from paradise until penance is done
  3. Pér is a village in Győr-Moson-Sopron county, Hungary.
  4. Period (per) is a gene in Drosophila which encodes a protein, PER, regulating circadian rhythm. There are some known alleles of the per gene that can make the circadian cycle longer or shorter than the usual cycle (which is around 24 hours). It is still uncertain how exactly this gene operates.
  5. Per is a Scandinavian masculine given name. It is derived from the Greek word πετρος (petros) meaning "stone" or "rock". The name is a variant of Peter, a common masculine name of the same origin. Other Scandinavian variants of Per are Peer and Pär.
  6. Pr is the hieroglyph for 'house', the floor-plan of a walled building with an open doorway. Though its original pronunciation is unknown, modern egyptology assigns it the value of Per.
  7. Per was the name of a powerful storm with hurricane winds which hit the west coast of Sweden and Norway on the morning of 14 January 2007. In Sweden six people died from the storm and approximately 300,000 households were left without electricity.
  8. PERI is a German company that produces formwork and scaffolding systems. The company's headquarters are located in Weißenhorn, Germany, and it employs 5,300 people, of which 850 are engineers (as of 2009).
  9. The ISO 3166-1 three-letter (alpha-3) code for Peru
  10. for each; used in expressing ratios of units; via (the), by (the), through (the) (followed by Latin name for an orifice); in accordance with
  11. (peri) a sprite or supernatural being in Persian mythology
  12. (pers) Persian
  13. (Peri) In the Persian and Arabic traditions, peri are fallen angels. Their leader is Eblis. The peri are said to be beautiful but vengeful spirits. According to Islamic lore, Mohammad tried to convert them.
  14. (Peri) around or surrounding (around a pear)
  15. (peri) pref. 1. Around; about; enclosing: perimysium. 2. Near: perinatal. [Greek from peri around, near; See per 1 in Indo-European Roots.] -- AHTD
  16. (PERS) Public Employees Retirement System
  17. (PERS) Personal Emergency Response System. The system typically consists of a base station (or receiver) and an electronic button device worn around the neck, waist or wrist. ...
  18. (PERS) Port Environmental Review System – an independent environmental accreditation scheme developed by the EcoPorts Foundation and Lloyd’s Register
  19. (Pers) An abbreviation of Person.
  20. by/through (Typis Academicis, per Leopoldum Berger = [Printed] with the types belonging to the Academy, by Leopold Berger)
  21. Per, meaning "for each," is most commonly used with figures, usually in relation to price ("$400 per performance"), vehicles ("25 miles per gallon," "55 miles per hour"), or sports ("15 points per game"). ...
  22. the genetic abbreviation for the gene named period, which was the first clock gene to be discovered
  23. Short for Player Efficiency Rating, it’s the tool we’ve all apparently universally agreed is the best for measuring a player’s productivity.  Birthed by statistical guru John Hollinger of, PER was/is more difficult to figure out than E=MC2. ...
  24. is one of those frustrating words in English. The American Heritage Dictionary definition is: 'To, for, or by each; for every.' Example: '40 cents per gallon.' We must put the blame for per unit squarely on the scientists and engineers.
  25. Used before a username/a group of users to indicate that the person agrees with that user/those users. Used in voting for Featured Articles, proposals etc.