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Strange or odd; unusual,
  1. Strange or odd; unusual
    • - his accent was a peculiar mixture of Cockney and Irish
  2. Slightly and indefinably unwell; faint or dizzy
    • - I felt a little peculiar for a while, but I'm absolutely fine now
  3. Belonging exclusively to
    • - the air hung with an antiseptic aroma peculiar to hospitals
  4. Particular; special
    • - any attempt to explicate the theme is bound to run into peculiar difficulties
  1. A parish or church exempt from the jurisdiction of the diocese in which it lies, through being subject to the jurisdiction of the monarch or an archbishop

  1. curious: beyond or deviating from the usual or expected; "a curious hybrid accent"; "her speech has a funny twang"; "they have some funny ideas about war"; "had an odd name"; "the peculiar aromatic odor of cloves"; "something definitely queer about this town"; "what a rum fellow"; "singular ...
  2. particular(a): unique or specific to a person or thing or category; "the particular demands of the job"; "has a particular preference for Chinese art"; "a peculiar bond of sympathy between them"; "an expression peculiar to Canadians"; "rights peculiar to the rich"; "the special features of a ...
  3. markedly different from the usual; "a peculiar hobby of stuffing and mounting bats"; "a man...feels it a peculiar insult to be taunted with cowardice by a woman"-Virginia Woolf
  4. peculiar(a): characteristic of one only; distinctive or special; "the peculiar character of the Government of the U.S."- R.B.Taney
  5. (peculiarly) uniquely or characteristically; "these peculiarly cinematic elements"; "a peculiarly French phenomenon"; "everyone has a moment in history which belongs particularly to him"- John Knowles
  6. (peculiarly) curiously: in a manner differing from the usual or expected; "had a curiously husky voice"; "he's behaving rather peculiarly"
  7. (peculiarly) particularly: to a distinctly greater extent or degree than is common; "he was particularly fussy about spelling"; "a particularly gruesome attack"; "under peculiarly tragic circumstances"; "an especially (or specially) cautious approach to the danger"
  8. Peculiar is an album by the New York City ska band The Slackers. It was released on HellCat Records in 2006 (See 2006 in Music).
  9. (Peculiarly) Idiosyncrasy, from Ancient Greek , idiosynkrasía, "a peculiar temperament", "habit of body" (idios "one's own", , syn "with" and krasis "mixture") is defined as an individualizing quality or characteristic of a person or group, and is often used to express eccentricity or ...
  10. Out of the ordinary; odd; curious; unusual; Common or usual for a certain place or circumstance; specific or particular
  11. (peculiarly) Such as to be greater than usual; particularly; exceptionally. (degree) To greater degree than is usual. (manner) In a manner that is greater than usual; Such as to be strange or odd. (degree) Strangely, oddly. (manner) In a strange or perverse manner; strangely. ...
  12. (Peculiars) Parishes dispersed in various dioceses in the province of Canterbury exempt from the ordinary's jurisdiction, and subject only to the archbishop. There were 13 such in London. The Court of Peculiars is a branch of the Arches, and has jurisdiction over such parishes.
  13. (adjective) -- strange; unusual; one of a kind
  14. strange, odd; belonging only to a specific person or group. A quality or characteristic belonging only to one person may be called a peculiarity. He possesses that quality, it is his own.
  15. an archaic term used by the KJV to describe Israel, GOD's "special treasure" (Ex. 19:5; Deut. 14:2) - the valuable property or costly possession of their redeemer GOD.
  16. out of the ordinary; strange