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payments, plural;
  1. The action or process of paying someone or something, or of being paid
    • - ask for a discount for payment by cash
    • - three interest-free monthly payments
  2. An amount paid or payable
    • - an interim compensation payment of $2500
  3. Something given as a reward or in recompense for something done
    • - a suit with a velvet collar that I got as payment for being in the show

  1. a sum of money paid or a claim discharged
  2. the act of paying money
  3. requital: an act of requiting; returning in kind
  4. (pay) give money, usually in exchange for goods or services; "I paid four dollars for this sandwich"; "Pay the waitress, please"
  5. (pay) wage: something that remunerates; "wages were paid by check"; "he wasted his pay on drink"; "they saved a quarter of all their earnings"
  6. (pay) give: convey, as of a compliment, regards, attention, etc.; bestow; "Don't pay him any mind"; "give the orders"; "Give him my best regards"; "pay attention"
  7. A payment is the transfer of wealth from one party (such as a person or company) to another. A payment is usually made in exchange for the provision of goods, services or both, or to fulfill a legal obligation.
  8. (pay) Money given in return for work; salary or wages; To give money in exchange for goods or services; To be profitable; To be profitable for; To give (something else than money); To discharge an obligation or debt; To suffer consequences
  9. (PaymentS) All charges will be automatically charged to the credit or debit card you provided upon enrollment. ...
  10. (Payments) You represent and warrant that if you are purchasing something from us or from Merchants that (i) any credit information you supply is true and complete, (ii) charges incurred by you will be honored by your credit card company, and (iii) you will pay the charges incurred by you at the ...
  11. (5. Payments) Please note: payments must be made in advance of the training. To book a course, a 50% deposit or the full course fee (if the course start date is within 4 weeks of the booking date) is required.
  12. All payments should be made by personal check, money order, certified or cashier’s check, in US Dollars.
  13. (Payments) The registration amount paid at the time of booking, is a non-refundable and interest free amount. All the payments shall be paid in accordance with the procedure laid down in the brochure under the heading "How to book your Tour” in the World Showcase. ...
  14. (PAYMENTS) The timing of the payment for the services provided will vary depending upon the types of services to be provided.  In many cases, the costs will be due and payable upon confirmation of the services.
  15. (Payments) Payment in full is required prior to the program.
  16. (Payments) Credit Card information is required in order to guarantee your reservation. Your credit card will be not charged until your arrival or departure or if the cancellation deadline has passed. ...
  17. (PAYMENTS) The Customer agrees to pay the instalment amount at the agreed payment frequency until this Contract is terminated in accordance with clause 4 below. ...
  18. (Payments) The balance of all payments must be made prior or at time of hearing aid fitting / collection.
  19. (Payments) We accept PayPal payments.
  20. (Payments) On our website we use a Paypal system for payments, but if you dont like Paypal - we can also accept All Major Credit Cards through our on-line Secure Server, run by NoChex payment merchant. ...
  21. (Payments) If you make a payment on you agree to our Payments Terms.
  22. Payments are accepted in US funds only. We accept VISA, MasterCard, personal checks, corporate checks, bank checks, money orders, and wired funds from foreign banks. ...
  23. (1. PAYMENTS) An initial deposit of $300.00, is required with the signed contract to hold shooting dates and pre-production video planning. Deposits are non-refundable. The remaining balance is due, and payable by cheque, (1) week before your wedding date. A $65. ...
  24. (1. Payments) Pocket Savers Web Design requires at least 50% of the total amount due before starting work on a web site design. The remaining balance must be paid upon completion of the project or 90 days after beginning the project, whichever comes first, regardless of project status. ...
  25. (10. PAYMENTS) Payments received by mail at any Branch location listed of Fred Meyer Employees Federal Credit Union by 4:00 P.M. on a business day will be credited as of the day of receipt.