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patterns, plural;
  1. Decorate with a recurring design
    • - rosebud patterned wallpapers
    • - violet-tinged flowers patterned the grassy banks
  2. Give a regular or intelligible form to
    • - the brain not only receives information, but interprets and patterns it
  3. Give something a form based on that of (something else)
    • - the clothing is patterned on athletes' wear
  1. A repeated decorative design
    • - a neat blue herringbone pattern
  2. An arrangement or sequence regularly found in comparable objects or events
    • - the house had been built on the usual pattern
  3. A regular and intelligible form or sequence discernible in certain actions or situations
    • - a complicating factor is the change in working patterns
  4. A model or design used as a guide in needlework and other crafts

  5. A set of instructions to be followed in making a sewn or knitted item

  6. A wooden or metal model from which a mold is made for a casting

  7. An example for others to follow
    • - he set the pattern for subsequent study
  8. A sample of cloth or wallpaper

  1. form: a perceptual structure; "the composition presents problems for students of musical form"; "a visual pattern must include not only objects but the spaces between them"
  2. model: plan or create according to a model or models
  3. form a pattern; "These sentences pattern like the ones we studied before"
  4. practice: a customary way of operation or behavior; "it is their practice to give annual raises"; "they changed their dietary pattern"
  5. design: a decorative or artistic work; "the coach had a design on the doors"
  6. convention: something regarded as a normative example; "the convention of not naming the main character"; "violence is the rule not the exception"; "his formula for impressing visitors"
  7. A pattern, from the French patron, is a type of theme of recurring events or objects, sometimes referred to as elements of a set. These elements repeat in a predictable manner. ...
  8. Pattern in architecture is the idea of capturing architectural design ideas as archetypal and reusable descriptions. The term "pattern" is usually attributed to Christopher Alexander , an Austrian born American architect. The patterns serve as an aid to design cities and buildings. ...
  9. In casting, a pattern is a replica of the object to be cast, used to prepare the cavity into which molten material will be poured during the casting process.
  10. Pattern is an Irish term meaning either a saint's feast day, or the various devotional activities that take place on the feast day at sites associated with the saint's life. It is thought to derive from the word patron, as in a patron saint.
  11. See: graphonomics
  12. In sewing and fashion design, a pattern is an original garment from which other garments of a similar style are copied, or the paper or cardboard templates from which the parts of a garment are traced onto fabric before cutting out and assembling (sometimes called paper patterns).
  13. Model, example. Something from which a copy is made; a model or outline. [from 14th c.] Someone or something seen as an example to be imitated; an exemplar. [from 15th c.] (now rare) A copy. [from 15th c.] (now only numismatics) A sample; of coins, an example which was struck but never minted. ...
  14. (Patterns) Features and parts are patterned by varying dimensions of the geometry or by reference to datums, geometry, or existing patterns. An example of patterning is a wheel hub with spokes, wherein the spoke holes are radially patterned and the spokes are strung by reference to this pattern. ...
  15. (PATTERNS) It’s no myth that slot machines have patterns to their payoffs, although it sounds like one. ...
  16. (PATTERNS) Those things that are clear to ourselves and others because of their repetitive occurrences.
  17. (Patterns) All slot machine results move in random statistical trends. It does not matter what type of slot machine you play, it is the same in all slot machines. If you recognize the trend of a specific slot machine and then play hard on the upside, then get away fast in the down trend. ...
  18. (Patterns) Assists in the development of logical thinking
  19. (Patterns) Bill Gracey on Flickr
  20. (Patterns) Conan shows a series of images and viewers have to figure out the progressive pattern that links them. For instance, "Squirrel, handy man, poorly guarded insane asylum, Tom Green: That's right, these are more and more likely to be missing a nut."
  21. (Patterns) Configurations of stars that explode to create a desired shape, such as 5-pointed stars and hearts.
  22. (Patterns) Events that repeat in your Reality that have the same emotional experience and physical result. These are easily identified when someone says, "why does this always happen to me?"
  23. (Patterns) Random short-term statistical trends, not to be confused with long-term statistical averages. The short-term trend may be better or worse than the long-term average.
  24. (Patterns) Recognizable regularities in situations such as in nature, shapes, events, sets of numbers. For example, spirals on a pineapple, snowflakes, geometric designs on quilts or wallpaper, the number sequence {0, 4, 8, 12, 16,...}.
  25. (Patterns) Serrations on field knives are usually made up of two different sized scallops, two distinct patterns, and two distinct edge styles. Read on…