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pattered, past participle; pattered, past tense; patters, 3rd person singular present; pattering, present participle;
  1. Talk at length without saying anything significant
    • - she pattered on incessantly
  1. Rapid or smooth-flowing continuous talk, such as that used by a comedian or salesman
    • - slick black hair, flashy clothes, and a New York line of patter
  2. Rapid speech included in a song, esp. for comic effect
    • - a patter song of invective
  3. The special language or jargon of a profession or other group
    • - he picked up the patter from watching his dad

  1. spiel: plausible glib talk (especially useful to a salesperson)
  2. sprinkle: rain gently; "It has only sprinkled, but the roads are slick"
  3. a quick succession of light rapid sounds; "the patter of mice"; "the patter of tiny feet"
  4. make light, rapid and repeated sounds; "gently pattering rain"
  5. Patter is a prepared and practiced speech, that is designed to produce a desired response from its audience. Examples of occupations with a patter might include the: auctioneer, salesperson, dance caller, or comedian.
  6. The Glasgow Patter or Glaswegian is a dialect spoken in and around Glasgow, Scotland. In addition to local West Mid Scots, the dialect has Highland English and Hiberno-English influences, owing to the speech of Highlanders and Irish people, who migrated in large numbers to the Glasgow area in ...
  7. The soft sound of feet walking on a hard surface; One who pats; Glib and rapid speech, such as from an auctioneer, or banter during a sports event; To make irregularly repeated sounds of low-to-moderate magnitude and lower-than-average pitch
  8. (Pattering) The speach a magician uses to accompany a trick.
  9. The things you say while you're doing a magic trick.  Sometimes it is a story, or makes the audience believe something that helps fool them.  A form of misdirection.
  10. Your running commentary as you perform magic. For some tricks, the patter may be a story. With others, it may be jokes.
  11. Refers to the form of speech that the hypnotherapist will use whilst communicating with the subject during a hypnotic trance.
  12. A verbose variation on the theme of a refrain as in "Down Our Way", also jokes and stuff between songs.
  13. The talk used by a magician when performing a trick. Often used to misdirect the audience.
  14. Over-dramatic descriptions, dated language, and bad jokes found in cheap magic trick instructions.
  15. The words magicians use.
  16. Spoken scripted routine