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participations, plural;
  1. The action of taking part in something
    • - participation in church activities
    • - the scheme is based on employer participation

  1. engagement: the act of sharing in the activities of a group; "the teacher tried to increase his students' engagement in class activities"
  2. the condition of sharing in common with others (as fellows or partners etc.)
  3. (participate) share in something
  4. (participate) enter: become a participant; be involved in; "enter a race"; "enter an agreement"; "enter a drug treatment program"; "enter negotiations"
  5. (participating) active: taking part in an activity; "an active member of the club"; "he was politically active"; "the participating organizations"
  6. (participatory) affording the opportunity for individual participation; "participatory democracy"
  7. Participation in social science refers to different mechanisms for the public to express opinions - and ideally exert influence - regarding political, economic, management or other social decisions. ...
  8. In finance, a Bond+Option is a capital guarantee product that provides an investor with a fixed, predetermined participation to an option. Buying the zero-coupon bond ensures the guarantee of the capital, and the remaining proceeds are used to buy an option.
  9. In finance, "participation" is an ownership interest in a mortgage or other loan. In particular, loan participation is a cooperation of multiple lenders to issue a loan (known as participation loan) to one borrower. This is usually done in order to reduce individual risks of the lenders.
  10. In Philosophy participation is the inverse of inherence.
  11. the act or process of participating; the state of being related to a larger whole; the process during which individuals, groups and organizations are consulted about or have the opportunity to become actively involved in a project or program of activity; An ownership interest or profit-sharing right
  12. (Participants) Those users and groups identified as being able to participate in a project. Participants can be coordinators, members, or guests.
  13. (2. Participants) To enter the 2007 HMVPC, individuals must submit a valid entry via the online signup form. By signing up via that online process participant is agreeing to abide by the official terms, disclaimers and rules governing the HMVPC.
  14. (Participants (formerly known as subjects)) Patients, users, relatives of the deceased, professional carers or members of the public who agree to take part in a study.
  15. (Participants) 1) individuals from whom information is being gathered in an assessment or evaluation; 2) the individuals or group under study. Sometimes referred to as "study subjects." See also human subjects .
  16. (Participants) Anyone may subscribe to the List, although it is intended primarily for those who regularly work with Local Government records.
  17. (Participants) At its inception, Utah Collections was also a means for both the University of Utah's Media Solutions department and public television station KUED-TV to re-purpose a portion of the vast repositories of intellectual property they had created over the past 20 years. ...
  18. (Participants) Covered employees and their dependents. The plan document's (link to plan document section) eligibility and participation section describes who is eligible to participate, how to enroll in the plan, when coverage begins and ends, and circumstances under which coverage may be extended.
  19. (Participants) Fishers, traders, buyers and exporters and retailers in source countries and importers, wholesalers and retailers in demand countries.
  20. (Participants) Jeff Turner [Atlassian]
  21. (Participants) Joan Lafferty (Adobe) and Oleg Sivokon
  22. (Participants) Key role players (people) involved in the process
  23. (Participants) NATO · Non-Aligned Movement · People's Republic of China · Warsaw Pact
  24. (Participants) National civil and military specialists from States, airspace users and international representative associations, air navigation service providers, equipment manufacturers, and EUROCONTROL Agency experts will be invited to participate. ...
  25. (Participants) Stakeholders who are engaged in project activities. For example, in a project that involves implementing a new curriculum, the participants might be the instructors teaching the new curriculum and the students receiving it.