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parents, plural;
  1. Be or act as a mother or father to (someone)
    • - the warmth and attention that are the hallmarks of good parenting
  1. A father or mother
    • - the parents of the bride
    • - his adoptive parents
  2. A forefather or ancestor

  3. An animal or plant from which younger ones are derived

  4. A source or origin of a smaller or less important part

  5. An organization or company that owns or controls a number of subsidiary organizations or companies
    • - policy considerations were determined largely by the parent institution

  1. a father or mother; one who begets or one who gives birth to or nurtures and raises a child; a relative who plays the role of guardian
  2. rear: bring up; "raise a family"; "bring up children"
  3. an organism (plant or animal) from which younger ones are obtained
  4. (parental) designating the generation of organisms from which hybrid offspring are produced
  5. (parental) relating to or characteristic of or befitting a parent; "parental guidance"
  6. (parented) having a parent or parents or cared for by parent surrogates
  7. A parent (from Latin: parēns = parent) is a caretaker of the offspring in their own species. In humans, a parent is the mother or the father figure of a child (NOTE: "child" refers to offspring, not necessarily age). ...
  8. Parent railway station is a staffed VIA Rail station located on Rue Commerciale in the Parent community of La Tuque, Quebec, Canada.
  9. (Parents (film)) Parents is a 1989 horror film directed by Bob Balaban. The film is about a disturbed young boy living in 1950s Massachusetts suburbia who suspects his parents of cannibalism. The film starred Randy Quaid, Mary Beth Hurt, Sandy Dennis, and Bryan Madorsky. ...
  10. (Parents (magazine)) Parents, currently published by Meredith Corporation, is the oldest parenting publication in the U.S. It was first published in October 1926.
  11. One of the two persons from whom one is immediately biologically descended; a mother or father; A person who acts as a parent in rearing a child. ...
  12. (parents) one's mother and father
  13. (parents) i genitori (“ee gin-ah-tar-ee”)
  14. (PARENTS) a group of adults, who supply money and drive their children to and from practices and meets, support their
  15. (Parents) (Optional): Select the term(s) under which this term is a subset.
  16. (Parents) Ethelwulf and Osburga
  17. (Parents) God, Virgin Mary...don't try to explain that to your kids!
  18. (Parents) Jose Joaquin Subercaseaux, Maria Elena Cooper
  19. (Parents) Mothers, fathers, legal guardians and the primary carers of looked-after children. There may also be other significant adults in children's lives and other relatives who care for them.
  20. (Parents) Otte Brahe and Beate Bille
  21. (Parents) The big grassy field to play on between Green and the Towers.
  22. (Parents) To see your parents looking cheerful while dreaming, denotes harmony and pleasant associates. If they appear to you after they are dead, it is a warning of approaching trouble, and you should be particular of your dealings. ...
  23. (Parents) Two irresponsible, delusional strangers who shared the single basic idea that creating you would teach them the meaning of love.
  24. (Parents) what children never think of when falling in love.
  25. (parents) Persons faced with the task of raising one or more children. The more they have, the more difficult their chore, and the greater their chance for failure. ...