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pacts, plural;
  1. A formal agreement between individuals or parties

  1. treaty: a written agreement between two states or sovereigns
  2. PACT was a series of compilers for the IBM 701 and IBM 704 scientific computers. Their development was conducted jointly by IBM and a committee of customers starting in 1954. PACT I was developed for the 701, and PACT IA for the 704. ...
  3. The Pact is the feature length documentary directed and produced by Andrea Kalin, presented by the National Black Programming Consortium, and aired on public television about three childhood friends from New Jersey who make a pact to help keep each other in school, graduate, and all successfully ...
  4. The Pact was a superhero team released in two limited series by Image Comics.
  5. (PACTS) The Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS) is a United Kingdom Parliament Associate Parliamentary Group which exists "to promote human life through the promotion of transport safety for the public benefit".
  6. An agreement; a compact; a covenant
  7. (PACTS) Federal Probation ID Number
  8. The belief, prevalent in the late middle ages through the Renaissance, that someone could trade his or her soul in return for worldly gain.
  9. Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television - trade association for production companies in these sectors, especially television.
  10. An agreement between two or more groups or individuals to complete a given amount of work with the least effort.
  11. (n.) a contract; (v.) to sign a contract; "The new pact calls for 6% pay raises across the board" or "The actress is expected to pact with the studio by the end of the week."
  12. SIGN-NAME AGREE, where the first sign is [H] slaps [B], PO up. For a QuickTime movie of this sign, see ASL browser - pact.
  13. A binding oath of the written type between a Pagan and their Coven/Grove.
  14. Pilot Action for Combined Transport
  15. A magickal agreement, generally between a person and a God.
  16. Partners and Communities Together
  17. a verbal or written agreement