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overtones, plural;
  1. A musical tone that is a part of the harmonic series above a fundamental note and may be heard with it

  2. A component of any oscillation whose frequency is an integral multiple of the fundamental frequency

  3. A subtle or subsidiary quality, implication, or connotation
    • - the decision may have political overtones

  1. (usually plural) an ulterior implicit meaning or quality; "overtones of despair"
  2. a harmonic with a frequency that is a multiple of the fundamental frequency
  3. Overtone is the Filipino Indie band.
  4. (Overtones (album)) Overtones is the second album from British electronic music artist Just Jack. The single "Starz in Their Eyes" managed to reach #2 in the UK and #91 on the Billboard Hot 100. The US edition of the album includes a reworked version of "I Talk Too Much" featuring Kylie Minogue.
  5. A tone whose frequency is an integer multiple of another; a harmonic; An implicit meaning, as opposed to a hidden meaning or undertone
  6. (OVERTONES) Faint tones made by the sympathetic vibrations of piano strings other than those that have been struck by hammers.
  7. (Overtones) 1) The higher notes that can be played using one fingering on a brasswind or flute by adjusting the embouchure, 2) The higher frequencies present in the sound produced by an instrument, the overtones are what give each instrument its characteristic tone quality, without them all ...
  8. (Overtones) The rate at which something vibrates is called the frequency, and it is measured in vibrations per second, or cycles per second, or, officially, hertz.  A piano string vibrates at many different frequencies at the same time. ...
  9. (Overtones) Unit 1: Finding a Job: Willing to Train; (Listening Section) Pages 4-6, Exercises 1-3 Cassette 220.1 (Reception) (Check Transcripts and answers:Overtones Teacher’s Book, p 7-10; Answers p92) (Also for Listening)
  10. (overtones) Harmonics that mayor may notbe multiples of the fundamental. Subjective response of the ear to harmonics.pad An attenuator inserted into a component or system to reduce level.
  11. Usually used to refer to the Partials of a musical tone which are harmonically related.
  12. (aka overblow, toot, hoot) - the trumpet-like note produced by tighter lip tension and characteristic of B-type accompaniments
  13. A tone accompanying the fundamental in a musical note. May or may not be harmonic.
  14. A second, not as strong, green, blue, or rose color in a pearl
  15. a multiple of a primary pitch called the fundimental. The series of overtones (multiples) of a pitch are refered to as the overtone series and form the basis of tonal music. See also the section on the overtone series for more details.
  16. A frequency component of a complex wave which is higher than the fundamental frequency.
  17. A harmonic produced by proper intonation, tuning, and vowel formation.
  18. A third tone which emerges as the product of a harmony.
  19. The hint of secondary color found in pearls that is typically pink, green, blue and silver.
  20. The dominant aroma or flavor in a wine.
  21. a multiple of a tone’s basic frequency
  22. The almost inaudible higher tones which occur with the fundamental tone. They are the result of the vibration of small sections of a string (instrument) or a column of air. Other general terms for overtones are partials and harmonics.
  23. Tones of higher pitch that are present in every musical sound and whose presence determines the quality of the musical sound.