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Covered with plants that have been allowed to grow wild,
  1. Covered with plants that have been allowed to grow wild
    • - the garden was overgrown and deserted
  2. Grown too large or beyond its normal size
    • - the town is only an overgrown village
  3. derogatory. Used to describe an adult behaving in a childish manner
    • - a pair of overgrown schoolboys

  1. covered with growing plants
  2. abounding in usually unwanted vegetation
  3. (overgrow) grow too large
  4. (Overgrow (website)) Heaven's Stairway was an Eastern Canadian cannabis seedbank, supplying around 300 different cannabis strains. ...
  5. Having large numbers of plants which have become too big, and are hence spoiling the picturesqueness of a garden; Something which has grown bigger but has not changed its character
  6. (overgrow) To grow beyond one's boundaries or containments; To grow over; (of one thing) to cause (a second thing) to become overgrown (with or by the first thing)
  7. (Overgrow) Blaze • Torrent • Swarm
  8. garden covered with weeds because of neglect