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outgrew, past tense; outgrowing, present participle; outgrown, past participle; outgrows, 3rd person singular present;
  1. Grow too big for (something)
    • - babies outgrow their first car seat at six to nine months
  2. Leave behind as one matures
    • - is it a permanent injury, or will the colt outgrow it?
  3. Grow faster or taller than
    • - the more vigorous plants outgrow their weaker neighbors

  1. (outgrow) grow too large or too mature for; "I have outgrown these clothes"; "She outgrew her childish habits"
  2. (outgrow) grow faster than
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  4. Simple past of outgrow
  5. (outgrow) To become too big or mature for some purpose; To leave some object, habit, belief ... behind, no longer need or use it, as one grows; To grow faster or taller than something or someone else