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organisers, plural; organizers, plural;
  1. A person who organizes
    • - the organizers of the demonstration
    • - he worked as a union organizer all around the state of New Jersey
  2. A thing used for organizing

  1. a person who brings order and organization to an enterprise; "she was the organizer of the meeting"
  2. someone who enlists workers to join a union
  3. personal digital assistant: a lightweight consumer electronic device that looks like a hand-held computer but instead performs specific tasks; can serve as a diary or a personal database or a telephone or an alarm clock etc.
  4. A party organizer or local party organizer is a position in some political parties in charge of the establishing a party organization in a certain locality.
  5. The Organizer (I compagni) is a 1963 Italian drama film directed by Mario Monicelli.
  6. The Organizer is the fourth album Lester Bowie recorded for the Japanese DIW label and the first album by his "New York Organ Ensemble". It was released in 1991 and features performances by Bowie, Steve Turre, Amina Claudine Myers James Carter, Phillip Wilson and Famoudou Don Moye.
  7. A person who arranges the details of a public event; A hand-held micro-computer that will perform specific tasks; can be used as an electronic diary, alarm clock, recorder of memos and notes, a portable database etc; A group of cells that, together with the evocator, control differentiation in ...
  8. (Organizers) Josef Bühler • Eichmann • Eicke • Ludwig Fischer • Hans Frank • Globocnik • Glücks • Greiser • Himmler • Hermann Höfle • Fritz Katzmann • Wilhelm Koppe • Friedrich-Wilhelm Krüger • Kutschera • Erwin Lambert • Ernst Lerch • Oswald Pohl • Reinefarth • Scherner • Seyss-Inquart · ...
  9. (Organizers) Clear plastic tackle boxes that can be taken out or added to a boat or tackle bag. Example: Plano StowAway boxes.
  10. (Organizers) The majority of new knowledge is presented using linguistic descriptions. Students experience more brain stimulation when imagery is used to convey new knowledge. ...
  11. An organizer is a tiny computer used primarily to store names, addresses, phone numbers, and date book information. They usually have some ability to exchange information with desktop systems. They boast even better battery life than PDAs but are far less capable. ...
  12. Someone with leadership skills and skydiving expertise who plans formation skydives.
  13. The person(s) who perform the act of forming a limited liability company.
  14. The person who is responsible for arranging the conference, and is usually the host or leader of the conference. The Organizer enters the conference using a special Organizer Access Code. Back|Top
  15. one of the signers of the original articles of organization. This person may, but need not be, a member or a manager of the LLC.
  16. an organizer is a piece of card or other firm material which has a number of holes punched in it. Each of the holes will have a code or key next to it that will relate to one of the flosses in the kit. ...
  17. An individual active in advancing an organizational agenda utilizing a range of on- and offline organizing techniques. Organizers prioritize building networks and relationships, cultivating a long-term power base, and activating a community or constituency around a particular issue. ...
  18. An inductor; a chemical substance in a living system that determines the fate in development of certain cells or groups of cells.
  19. Event organizers are responsible for the set up and running of events.
  20. Employee of a union whose duties include recruiting new members for the union and assisting in forming unions in non-unions companies.
  21. employee of a union - usually paid but sometimes a volunteer - who helps unrepresented employees acquire union rights.
  22. frameworks, maps, outlines, grids, or diagrams used to put thoughts in order
  23. the player responsible for organizing the defense.
  24. Hierarchical system used to describe locations and groups. Also includes special organizers, which are classes that control system configuration.
  25. Used to manage your floss and other types help you protect your needles.