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Available to be chosen but not obligatory,
  1. Available to be chosen but not obligatory
    • - a wide range of optional excursions is offered

  1. possible but not necessary; left to personal choice
  2. (optionally) in an optional manner; "this rule is applied optionally"
  3. (Optionals) personally-designed routines which show the gymnast to the best advantage.
  4. (Optionals) An optional is an employee in a position covered by a retirement system that is eligible to join the retirement system, but has not exercised their option to do so.
  5. From Latin "optio" (= wish, free option) With cameras: accessory wich can be purchased as an extra and is not a part of the standard box.
  6. Additional optional term life insurance for active employees and retirees. You are responsible for paying the cost of optional term life insurance. This coverage contains a two-year suicide exclusion.
  7. In this context, a data element that is not required.
  8. This login module doesn't have to succeed. Whether it succeeds or fails, authentication still proceeds down the login module list.
  9. LCD or overhead projector to display articles and Idea Web
  10. Optional modules are modules which students may choose at their own discretion. Optional modules can be compensated and may also be substituted with another module which the Scheme /Award Board regard as appropriate.
  11. These preferreds give the holder the right to convert into common stock at anytime. Note: the issuer will often force conversion by calling the issue at par when the conversion value is greater than par value.
  12. A term applied to a bid, play, or point of law in which a player may have two or more choices. This term distinguishes this element from the compulsory action or procedure strictly regulated by law.
  13. A package priority (the highest priority that's not installed by default)
  14. Participants can send photos of their film or during the production (scenes) in order to participate to the photo exhibition that will take place during the festival
  15. The "?" (question mark) symbol after an element name, attribute name, pattern name, or group indicates that it is optional — meaning that it can either not occur at all, or it can occur exactly once.
  16. enables you to specify one or more optional arguments that are used only if the calling program supplies the corresponding parameters in the parameter list of the calling routine. If corresponding parameters are not supplied, then the optional arguments are initialized to missing values.
  17. A boolean specifying whether the task must be completed (or discarded) for its parent plan (i.e. the immediately enclosing plan) to complete.By default, tasks are not optional. This means that their patent plan can complete only if the task is completed or discarded. ...
  18. A movement that is not part of the compulsory routine but is movement that is chosen by the gymnasts to demonstrate their abilities to the judges. See Compulsory Routine.
  19. It should have come free, but someone in the marketing department ran 1-2-3 and figured they’d double their profits this way.
  20. words that describe how the trick deviates from the standard
  21. Connolly and Begg, section 11.7 (in second edition, section 5.3).
  22. if something is optional, you can choose to have it or do it, but do not have to.