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Having a position on the other or further side of something; facing something, esp. something of the same type,
  1. Having a position on the other or further side of something; facing something, esp. something of the same type
    • - a crowd gathered on the opposite side of the street
  2. Facing the speaker or a specified person or thing
    • - he went into the store opposite
  3. (of leaves or shoots) Arising in opposed pairs, one on each side of the stem

  4. Diametrically different; of a contrary kind
    • - a word that is opposite in meaning to another
    • - currents flowing in opposite directions
  5. Being the other of a contrasted pair
    • - the opposite ends of the price range
  1. In a position on the other side of a specific area from; facing
    • - they sat opposite one another
  2. (of someone taking a leading part in a play or movie) In a complementary role to (another performer)

  1. A person or thing that is totally different from or the reverse of someone or something else
    • - we were opposites in temperament
    • - the literal is the opposite of the figurative
  1. In a position facing a specified or implied subject
    • - she was sitting almost opposite

  1. being directly across from each other; facing; "And I on the opposite shore will be, ready to ride and spread the alarm"- Longfellow; "we lived on opposite sides of the street"; "at opposite poles"
  2. antonym: a word that expresses a meaning opposed to the meaning of another word, in which case the two words are antonyms of each other; "to him the antonym of `gay' was `depressed'"
  3. face-to-face: directly facing each other; "the two photographs lay face-to-face on the table"; "lived all their lives in houses face-to-face across the street"; "they sat opposite at the table"
  4. of leaves etc; growing in pairs on either side of a stem; "opposite leaves"
  5. reverse: a relation of direct opposition; "we thought Sue was older than Bill but just the reverse was true"
  6. opposition: a contestant that you are matched against
  7. In category theory, a branch of mathematics, duality is a correspondence between properties of a category C and so-called dual properties of the opposite category Cop. ...
  8. In mathematics, the additive inverse, or opposite, of a number a is the number that, when added to a, yields zero. The additive inverse of F is denoted −F.
  9. In lexical semantics, opposites are words that lie in an inherently incompatible binary relationship as in the opposite pairs male : female, long : short, up : down, and precede : follow. ...
  10. "The Opposite" is the eighty-sixth episode of the NBC sitcom Seinfeld, which was also the 22nd and final episode of Season 5. It aired on May 19, 1994. This was the first episode shot for Season 5, but it was intended to be the season finale. This is the last episode Tom Cherones directed. ...
  11. (opposites) Two numbers whose sum is 0. For example, -3 and 3 are opposites. On a number line; opposites are the same distance from 0 but in different directions from 0. The number 0 is its own opposite.
  12. (1. Opposites) This works for certain adjectives, verbs, nouns, adverbs, determiners etc, e.g. “What’s the opposite of dark/ stop/ an idiot/ suddenly/ few?”
  13. (Opposites) (children's poetry) 1973
  14. (Opposites) Jeff is jealous when Nick gets to manage the parade; Oscar reviews his opposites with others; Ray prejudices a new and unusual lick.
  15. (Opposites) The differentiation of ego-consciousness from unconscious contents.
  16. (Opposites) This refers to any pair of inner selves that have opposing viewpoints and energy systems, like Being & Doing, Rational Mind & Body Sensuality,and Procrastinator & Finisher. ...
  17. (Opposites) strong/weak, long/short, fast/slow, soft/hard, cool/heat, cold/hot
  18. (Opposites) written by Robert Crowther
  19. said of leaves, etc. when they arise on opposite sides of a stem at the same node; of flower parts when they are situated directly above other parts.
  20. 2 or 3 leaves that are directly across from each other on the same twig.
  21. Leaf form, where the leaves are arranged in opposite pairs along the stem. Compare alternate.
  22. the arrangement of leaves on a stem - the leaves attach in pairs at the same point, opposite each other, rather than attaching at alternate points.
  23. leaf attachments paired at each node; decussate if, as typical, each successive pair is rotated 90° going along the stem; or distichous if not rotated, but two-ranked (in the same plane).
  24. Two at a node, on different(opposing) sides of the axis.
  25. 1. Arranged in pairs along an axis e.g., two leaves per node. (see alternate, whorled). 2. Occurring in the same rank, directly above or below, as "stamens opposite petals". 3. Located directly across from.