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operators, plural;
  1. A person who operates equipment or a machine
    • - a radio operator
  2. A person who works for a telephone company assisting users, or who works at a telephone switchboard

  3. A person or company that engages in or runs a business or enterprise
    • - a tour operator
  4. A person who acts in a specified, esp. a manipulative, way
    • - her reputation as a cool, clever operator
  5. A symbol or function denoting an operation (e.g., ×, +)

  1. (mathematics) a symbol or function representing a mathematical operation
  2. an agent that operates some apparatus or machine; "the operator of the switchboard"
  3. hustler: a shrewd or unscrupulous person who knows how to circumvent difficulties
  4. a speculator who trades aggressively on stock or commodity markets
  5. An operator (not to be confused with operation) is a mapping from one vector space or module to another. Operators are of critical importance to both linear algebra and functional analysis. Important properties that various operators may exhibit include linearity, continuity, and boundedness.
  6. In computing, the modulo operation finds the remainder of division of one number by another.
  7. Operator YAPO (Yet Another Portable Opera) is a portable version of the Opera web browser. It can be installed on portable data storage devices like pendrives, USB sticks and hard drives.
  8. The null coalescing operator (or Logical Defined Or Operator) is a binary operator that is part of the syntax for a basic conditional expression in several programming languages, including C# , and Perl as of version 5.10 .
  9. Operator (A Girl Like Me) is the debut single by Canadian pop/rock singer Shiloh. The song is about staying true to oneself and not becoming superficial.
  10. Operator is an American post-grunge band from Los Angeles, California, United States. The band features former Puddle of Mudd guitarist Paul Phillips and vocalist Johnny Strong, a part-time actor who has appeared in movies such as Black Hawk Down and The Fast and the Furious.
  11. One who operates; A telecommunications facilitator whose job is to establish temporary network connections; A function or other mapping that carries variables defined on a domain into another variable or set of variables in a defined range; Another name for Chinese whispers; A person who is ...
  12. (Operators) Words such as AND, OR, and NOT that are used to combine search terms to broaden or narrow the results of a keyword search. Combining terms using operators is sometimes called Boolean searching.
  13. (Operators) (words or symbols)--such as less than (<), greater than ( >), or equal to( =)
  14. (Operators) Collective of beings helping humanity, eg Dolphins and Whales.
  15. (Operators) Functions used to manipulate data.(+, -, *, /, SIN, COS, TAN, ^).
  16. (Operators) People who will be operating the boat – often used to determine premium payment rates.
  17. (Operators) Perform actions on one or more variables, literals, or expressions and evaluate to a single value.
  18. (Operators) Typically an agent for a number of manufacturers, the operator supplies the machines, provides the drinks and fills and cleans the machines
  19. (Operators) are Python objects that act on a population. They can be applied to a population before or after mating during a life cycle of an evolutionary process (Figure [fig:life-cycle]), or to one or two parents during the production of each offspring. ...
  20. (Operators) are observant, pragmatic, and directive. Crafters and Promoters are the two role variants of the directive Artisans.
  21. (Operators) are terms that calculate a new value from one or more values. For example, the addition (+) operator adds two or more values together to produce a new value.
  22. (Operators) ideograms used in mathematics to express a process.
  23. (operators) Persons employed in operating a treatment facility.
  24. A gizmo that transforms some number of input values to some number of output values, often built into a language with a special syntax or symbol. A given operator may have specific expectations about what types of data you give as its arguments (operands) and what type of data you want back from it.
  25. Crank-operated device for opening and closing casement or jalousie windows.