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In or ready for use,
  1. In or ready for use
    • - the new laboratory is fully operational
  2. Of or relating to the routine functioning and activities of a business or organization
    • - the coffee bar's initial operational costs
  3. Engaged in or relating to active operations of the armed forces, police, or emergency services
    • - an operational fighter squadron

  1. pertaining to a process or series of actions for achieving a result; "operational difficulties"; "they assumed their operational positions"
  2. functional: fit or ready for use or service; "the toaster was still functional even after being dropped"; "the lawnmower is a bit rusty but still usable"; "an operational aircraft"; "the dishwasher is now in working order"
  3. (military) of or intended for or involved in military operations
  4. being in effect or operation; "de facto apartheid is still operational even in the `new' African nations"- Leslie Marmon Silko; "bus service is in operation during the emergency"; "the company had several operating divisions"
  5. (operations) financial transactions at a brokerage; having to do with the execution of trades and keeping customer records
  6. An operational definition defines something (e.g. a variable, term, or object) in terms of the specific process or set of validation tests used to determine its presence and quantity. That is, one defines something in terms of the operations that count as measuring it. ...
  7. (operations) A term that includes manufacturing but is usually broadened to include procurement, physical distribution, and, for services, management of the offices or other areas where the services are provided. Supply management.
  8. (Operations) refers to the recurring activities of an organization directed toward producing a product or rendering a service. such activities may include, but are not limited to, marketing, sales, production, purchasing, human resources, finance and accounting, and governmental assistance. ...
  9. Operations are clearly defined actions that allow users to manipulate the data and structures of a database. The operations on a database must adhere to a pre-defined set of integrity rules.
  10. (Operations) Activities required to carry out the operating objectives of a council and performed by operational volunteers and/or employed staff, who are ultimately accountable to the CEO.
  11. (operations) actions performed by class objects
  12. (OPERATIONS) Found in the Business Information and Comprehensive Insight Plus Reports, this section provides background information on the business operations of a company. ...
  13. (OPERATIONS) COORDINATION CENTER (OCC) – The primary facility of the Multi-Agency Coordination System.  It houses staff and equipment necessary to perform MAC functions.
  14. (OPERATIONS) Within EOSDIS, those activities di-rectly related to the acquisition, archiving, distribution, and processing of mission-related information. Source: EPO.
  15. (Operations (OPS)) The office at the airport which coordinates equipment and supplies for the airline.
  16. (Operations (Ops)) An operational office that directs, schedules and monitors air combat missions.
  17. (Operations) (1) Mining Sites where gold is extracted from ore by the cyanidation process, (2) Manufacturing sites where cyanide is produced for use in gold mining, (3) A company involved in transporting cyanide for use in gold mining.
  18. (Operations) (origin:World War II): nothing medical There is a rumour that it used to be a substitute for Finance and Marketing, but you shouldn't believe everything you hear.
  19. (Operations) A transformation process; a function of an organisation and a management activity.
  20. (Operations) Activities or costs associated with the CONTINUED USE of applications of information technology. ...
  21. (Operations) An entity's activities of buying and selling goods and services among other things.
  22. (Operations) Animation-based dupication, alignment, bevel, convert, clean-up, fractalize, guided extrude, breakup, local lattice, shrinkwrap, polyskin, edit point/coordinate, freeze, inverse, merge mesh, merge surface, order, plane clipping, rotate, round, scale, subdivision, symmetry, tag, ...
  23. (Operations) Articles about methods, procedures, behavioral constraints, and theories that explain how capital and financial markets function.This includes laws, regulations, and every type of operational procedure. ...
  24. (Operations) How well is equipment operating; VALUES: operational (all function and data is available), degraded (equipment has partially failed with some function or data unavailable and some available), failed (equipment has failed with no function or data available);
  25. (Operations) If something goes wrong with your Furby or Furby Baby and you have tried everything suggested in the Furby Instruction Manual including resetting, restarting and replacing the batteries, it may be necessary to operate on your Furby. ...