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offenders, plural;
  1. A person who commits an illegal act
    • - an institution for juvenile offenders
  2. A person or thing that offends, does something wrong, or causes problems
    • - of atmospheric pollutants, the worst offender is sulfur dioxide
    • - he himself maybe an offender of the very issues he is discussing

  1. wrongdoer: a person who transgresses moral or civil law
  2. Crime is the breach of rules or laws for which some governing authority (via mechanisms such as legal systems) can ultimately prescribe a conviction. Individual human societies may each define crime and crimes differently. ...
  3. (The Offenders) The Offenders is a melodrama filmed in the town of Randolph, Vermont, in 1921 directed by Fenwick L. Holmes. The plot is that a woman has been accused of murder, and the (only) witness is the Village Idiot. Various locals were used as extras. ...
  4. One who gives or causes offense; A person who commits an offense against the law, a lawbreaker
  5. Generic term that applies to a person under the supervision of TDCJ or a CSCD.
  6. Any person who has been found guilty of any crime.
  7. Someone who has committed the offence or alleged to have committed the offence.
  8. A person who is found to have done something which is prohibited by law.  Until this happens, a person may be termed an alleged offender/defendant/accused.
  9. A person convicted of committing a crime.
  10. Any person convicted of a crime or offense under the laws of this state, the United States government, or the laws of another state, who is under the supervision of the Vermont Department of Corrections. (409.01)
  11. A player in violation of the laws or regulations. A player who commits an irregularity. Law 12 or Law 72 may be invoked.
  12. Any adult or juvenile who has been subject to any stage of the criminal justice process for whom services under this Act may be beneficial or who requires assistance in overcoming artificial barriers to employment resulting from a record of arrest or conviction.
  13. Any individual placed under institutional or field supervision by a probation department, parole board, or court.
  14. Any individual under the supervision of the criminal justice system to include community correction clients, parolees, correctional clients, probationers, interstate compact individuals, or other type of individual sentenced
  15. An attacker that has been blocked in the past.
  16. The one who instigates online social cruelty.
  17. one who violates a law or rule; does wrong
  18. A defendant who’s been convicted.
  19. n. an accused defendant in a criminal case or one convicted of a crime.