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occurrences, plural;
  1. An incident or event
    • - vandalism used to be a rare occurrence
  2. The fact or frequency of something happening
    • - the occurrence of cancer increases with age
  3. The fact of something existing or being found in a place or under a particular set of conditions
    • - the occurrence of natural gas fields

  1. happening: an event that happens
  2. an instance of something occurring; "a disease of frequent occurrence"; "the occurrence (or presence) of life on other planets"
  3. Actual instance where a situation arises
  4. (occurrences) Number of times an item appears in the container.
  5. An event that results in an insured loss. In some lines of business, such as liability, an occurrence is distinguished from accident in that the loss doesn't have to be sudden and fortuitous and can result from continuous or repeated exposure which results in bodily injury or property damage ...
  6. A continual, gradual or repeated exposure to substantially the same general harmful conditions. General liability policies insure liability for bodily injury or property damage that is caused by an occurrence
  7. A happening or event. Liability policies are usually written on either an accident or occurrence basis. ...
  8. An event, or repeated exposure to conditions, which unexpectedly causes injury or damage during the policy period.
  9. Assertions about occurrence deal with whether recorded transactions have occurred during a given period. For example, management asserts that sales in the income statement represent the exchange of goods or services with customers for cash or other consideration.
  10. A situation which exists over a period of time as opposed to an accident which can be fixed in time. It's an accident ehich can be the result of a repeated and continuous exposure to the same general harmful conditions.
  11. An adverse contingent accident or event neither expected nor intended from the point of view of the insured. ...
  12. A claim is paid if the event occurred during the policy period regardless when the claim is submitted.
  13. The presence, frequencies of detection, concentrations, and ranges of concentrations of VOCs and the locations (areal patterns) of VOC detections in ground water.
  14. means any event or incident that is a deviation from the planned or expected behavior or course of events in connection with any DOE or DOE-controlled operation if the deviation has environmental, public health and safety, or national security protection significance, including (but not limited ...
  15. The facility, county, region, or state where the event occurred, irrespective of the place of residence. For example, in the tables in N.C. Vital Statistics, Volume 1, item 9 (births) and 18 (deaths) provide occurrence data. All marriage and divorce counts are by place of occurrence.
  16. means an Accident resulting in Bodily Injury, Property Damage, or Damages sustained in the Administration of an Employee Benefits Program, neither expected nor intended from the standpoint of the Member/School Member or a reasonable person standing in the position of the Member/School Member. ...
  17. a happening or event; in insurance, it may be a sudden happening such as an accident, or may be a repeated exposure to an adverse condition which is neither intended nor expected to cause injury or damage.
  18. Something that results in a loss covered by insurance.
  19. Event that results in bodily injury and/or property damage. Most liability insurance policies stipulates that all bodily injuries and/or property damages resulting from the same general conditions are interpreted as resulting from one occurrence and thus subject to the policy limits per occurrence.
  20. Placement of a component, usually in multiple-level assemblies, where a component is replicated as a result of multiple placements of a single part or subassembly.
  21. Platinum is an extremely rare metal, occurring as only 0.003 ppb in the Earth's crust, and is 30 times rarer than gold. If all the world's platinum reserves were poured into one Olympic-size swimming pool, it would be just deep enough to cover one's ankles. ...
  22. Sta. 314, Antarctic ; 1 ♀ with embryos 9 mm.
  23. Any incident or happening involving possible loss to a policyholder.
  24. A loss that occurs at a specific time and place or over a period of time.
  25. Refers to the event which gives rise to a cause of action.  Thus, “occurrence rule” means that the SOL involved runs from the date of the occurrence.