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obsessives, plural;
  1. Of the nature of an obsession
    • - people dogged by obsessive jealousy
  2. Affected by an obsession
    • - she became obsessive about her schoolwork
  1. A person who is affected by an obsession
    • - an online store for garage-rock obsessives

  1. obsessional: characterized by or constituting an obsession; "the obsessional character of his response"; "obsessive gambling"
  2. a person who has obsessions
  3. (obsessively) compulsively: in a compulsive manner; "he cleaned his shoes compulsively after every walk"
  4. (obsession) compulsion: an irrational motive for performing trivial or repetitive actions, even against your will; "her compulsion to wash her hands repeatedly"
  5. (obsession) an unhealthy and compulsive preoccupation with something or someone
  6. (obsessivity) obsessiveness: extreme compulsiveness
  7. (Obsession (1954 film)) Obsession is a 1954 French language motion picture crime drama directed by Jean Delannoy who co-wrote screenplay with Antoine Blondin, Roland Laudenbach and Gian Luigi Rondi, based on story "Silent as the Grave" by Cornell Woolrich. ...
  8. (Obsession (1997 film)) Obsession (1997) is a drama about two men involved with one woman. Directed by Peter Sehr and starring Daniel Craig. The film was released in Germany on the 28th of August 1997 and premiered in Canada's Toronto Film Festival on the 9th of september the same year.
  9. (Obsession (band)) Obsession is an American heavy metal band formed in 1982 famous for spawing the career of singer Michael Vescera. The band first came on to the scene on the Metal Massacre 2 compilation from Metal Blade Records. ...
  10. (Obsession (board game)) Obsession is a board game released in 1977 for two players in which the player wins by moving their ten rings along numbered slots. They must get all ten rings into the "safety zone" before their opponent. ...
  11. (Obsession (book)) Obsession is a non-fiction book written by John E. Douglas and Mark Olshaker about the psyches of serial killers, serial rapists, stalkers, and their victims, as well as how to fight back.
  12. (Obsession (cuban hip-hop)) Alexey Rodriguez or “el tipo este” (that guy over there) and Magia Lopez are two members of the Cuban band Obsesion. They have been writing and playing music since 1996. Alexey and Magia set up their band just after getting married. ...
  13. (Obsession (Dive EP)) #"Kirlian Camera/Dive" - "Obsession" (Holly Knight, Michael des Barres) – 5:03 [originally by Animotion] #"Dive" - "Twilight Fields (Simon Balestrazzi) – 3:53 [originally by Kirlian Camera] #"Kirlian Camera" - "Broken Meat" (Dirk Ivens, Eric van Wonterghem) – 3:12 [ ...
  14. (Obsession (film)) Obsession is a 1976 psychological thriller/mystery directed by Brian De Palma, starring Cliff Robertson, Geneviève Bujold, and John Lithgow. The screenplay was by Paul Schrader, from a story by De Palma and Schrader. Bernard Herrmann provided the film's soundtrack. ...
  15. (Obsession (I Love You)) Audio Out is the first album by the Australian singer Amiel, released in Australia by Festival Records on August 18, 2003 (see 2003 in music). ...
  16. (Obsession (No Es Amor)) "Obsesión" (Obsession) is a 2002 single by Dominican-American bachata band Aventura. It was included on the 2002 album We Broke the Rules. It achieved a huge success in many countries, reaching the top of many international charts. ...
  17. (Obsession (novel)) Obsession is a mystery novel by American author Jonathan Kellerman.
  18. (Obsession (Nudimension song)) "Obsession" is a song by the French Canadian Synthpop group Nudimension.
  19. (Obsession) the second stage of a haunting where the invading entity begins to exert its power over its victim. This is mostly done through the mind.
  20. (Obsession) Domination of thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, desire, or image.
  21. (Obsession) A persistent, repetitive, and unwanted thought. Cannot be eliminated by logic or reasoning.
  22. (OBSESSION) A persistent or recurrent thought, image, or impulse that is unwanted and distressing.
  23. (obsession) a persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling; broadly : compelling motivation    Patience 8X04
  24. (OBSESSION) A disturbing or fixed and often unreasonable idea or feeling that cannot be put out of the mind such as resuming the use of drugs to feel better. ...
  25. (Obsession) (rec. 1967, not released until later)