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oars, plural;
  1. Row; propel with or as with oars
    • - oaring the sea like madmen
    • - oaring through the weeds
  2. Move (something, esp. the hands) like oars
    • - her slender arms oaring the air
  1. A pole with a flat blade, pivoting in an oar lock, used to row or steer a boat through the water

  2. A rower

  1. an implement used to propel or steer a boat
  2. An oar is an implement used for water-borne propulsion. Oars have a flat blade at one end. Oarsmen grasp the oar at the other end. The difference between oars and paddles are that paddles are held by the paddler, and are not connected with the vessel. ...
  3. Oar is a genus of moth in the family Geometridae.
  4. Oar is a 1969 album by the late Skip Spence. It is Spence's only solo album, recorded over seven days in Nashville, on which Spence plays all of the instruments.
  5. In rowing, oars are used to propel the boat. Oars differ from paddles in that they use a fixed fulcrum to transfer power from the handle to the blade, rather than using the athlete's shoulders or hands as the pivot-point as in canoeing and kayaking. ...
  6. (OARS) Ozarks AIDS Resources & Services, or OARS, is a charitable organization serving individuals in and around Carroll County, Arkansas.
  7. (oared) Having oars
  8. (OARS) A computerized system on an exchange that allows specialists to detect order imbalances before the opening of the exchange. That is, OARS lets specialists know how many extra buy or sell orders exist for a given security. This helps in determining the opening price.
  9. (Oars) FDR system-Gives deposit detail before 6-13-96.
  10. (oars) auxiliary devices used to power the boat
  11. To dream of handling oars, portends disappointments for you, inasmuch as you will sacrifice your own pleasure for the comfort of others. To lose an oar, denotes vain efforts to carry out designs satisfactorily. A broken oar represents interruption in some anticipated pleasure.
  12. A pole with a flat section, known as the blade, near the end, used for propelling a boat through the water.
  13. A thing used in rowing (which see).
  14. A stick with a blade at the end used to row a rowboat. Oars are different than paddles because they have a provision to be secured to the rowboat for rowing, such as an oarlock.
  15. Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (NOAA research division)
  16. A lever approximately 12 feet (360cm) long by which the rower pulls against the rowlock to move the boat through the water
  17. Original Aspect Ratio. The way it was originally created and intended by the director, and shown in theaters. Pretty straightforward, right? The reason it sometimes needs to be specified is because of the trend to cut down the picture because of a fear of “black bars. ...
  18. A long pole with a flat thin end, by which vessels are driven along in the water.
  19. A long blade, attached to the boat by an oarlock on thole pin, and used to row
  20. [17]: freeware and open source for Linux, AIX and SunOS/Solaris
  21. The piece of equipment that each rower uses to propel the boat. In sweep rowing, each oar is approximately 12 feet long, lightweight and well designed.
  22. To put in one’s oar; to intermeddle, or give an opinion unasked: as, To be sure, you must put in your oar!
  23. A lever used to propel the boat forward. Rowers do not use paddles.
  24. An instrument with flat blade used for propelling boats.
  25. A piece of wood, usually, that has a wide flat part, a blade at the end. Oars are used to row rowboats.