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Nourishing; efficient as food,
  1. Nourishing; efficient as food
    • - like all spinach, it is very nutritious and best when young

  1. alimentary: of or providing nourishment; "good nourishing stew"
  2. (nutritiousness) the quality of being nourishing and promoting healthy growth
  3. (nutrition) (physiology) the organic process of nourishing or being nourished; the processes by which an organism assimilates food and uses it for growth and maintenance
  4. (nutrition) nutriment: a source of materials to nourish the body
  5. (nutrition) the scientific study of food and drink (especially in humans)
  6. Nutrition (also called nourishment or aliment) is the provision, to cells and organisms, of the materials necessary (in the form of food) to support life. Many common health problems can be prevented or alleviated with a healthy diet.
  7. Providing nutrients; healthy to eat
  8. nutrition, vitamins & supplements, weight loss
  9. (Nutrition) The taking in and use of food and other nourishing material by the body.
  10. (Nutrition) The sum of the processes by which a swimmer takes in and utilizes food substances.
  11. (Nutrition) The relationship of food to the well-being of the body.
  12. (Nutrition) is all about the study of food and how our bodies use food as fuel for growth and daily activities. The macronutrients, or "big" nutrients include proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. The micronutrients, or "little" nutrients are the vitamins and minerals that we need to be healthy. ...
  13. (Nutrition) The food requirements of a well-balanced diet.
  14. (Nutrition) The process of the body using food to sustain life. (2) The study of food and diet.
  15. (nutrition) The science of food and how the body uses it in health and disease.
  16. (NUTRITION) There will always be many opinions about feeding parrots properly. I devoutly believe that a narrow diet of one food (either seeds or pellets) is a travesty to the digestive system of parrots. ...
  17. (Nutrition) 1) The science or practice of taking in and utilizing foods. 2) A nourishing substance, such as nutritional solutions delivered to hospitalized patients via an IV or IG tube.
  18. (Nutrition) A hundred gm of bael fruit pulp contains 31 gm of carbohydrate and two gm of protein, which adds up to nearly 140 calories. ...
  19. (Nutrition) A science which studies the relationship between diet and states of health. Nutritionists and dieticians are Health professionals who are specialized in this area of expertise. ...
  20. (Nutrition) Adapt a healthy lifestyle that gives you the energy and vitality to live your best life.
  21. (Nutrition) At least one scientific study reported that taking lutein supplements or otherwise increasing the amount of lutein in the diet resulted in an improvement in visual acuity (Olmedilla et al. ...
  22. (Nutrition) Between the extremes of optimal health and death from starvation or malnutrition, there is an array of disease states that can be caused or alleviated by changes in diet. ...
  23. (Nutrition) High-calorie diet planned by a registered dietician”If your child returns to his normal weight within two years of the diagnosis, this may lead to fewer coughing episodes and better lung function. ...
  24. (Nutrition) Lack of adequate nutrition to the cells leads to an over all weakening of the entire system.
  25. (Nutrition) Men’s body prospers on certain nutrients that work together to promote growth and development. There is no specific nutrient or group of nutrients that is more important to a mens health well-being.