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Great in number; many,
  1. Great in number; many
    • - he has attended numerous meetings and social events
  2. Consisting of many members
    • - the orchestra and chorus were numerous

  1. amounting to a large indefinite number; "numerous times"; "the family was numerous"; "Palomar's fans are legion"
  2. Indefinitely large numerically, many
  3. (numerousness) The state or quality of being numerous
  4. (Numerosity) A finding by the court that the number of class members is involved such that it is impracticable to named them all in the complaint and have them all actively participate in the litigation.
  5. A National Weather Service convective precipitation descriptor for a 60% or 70% chance of measurable precipitation (0.01" / 0.25 mm)). See Precipitation Probability (PoP).
  6. showers or thunderstorms with 55-75% area coverage.