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Novembers, plural;
  1. The eleventh month of the year, in the northern hemisphere usually considered the last month of autumn
    • - the store opened in November
    • - November days
  2. A code word representing the letter N, used in radio communication

  1. the month following October and preceding December
  2. November is the eleventh month of the year in the Gregorian Calendar and one of four Gregorian months with the length of 30 days. November retained its name (from the Latin novem meaning "nine") when January and February were added to the Roman calendar.
  3. November is a Swedish rock band formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 1969 by Christer Stålbrandt, Richard Rolf and Björn Inge.
  4. What If? is the fourth album by Canadian country music band Emerson Drive. It was released in 2004 as their final release for DreamWorks Records Nashville. "Last One Standing" and "November" were both released in the U.S. ...
  5. November is a 2004 psychological thriller film first screened at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival. It stars Courteney Cox as Sophie, a photographer whose life begins to unravel following a traumatic incident on November 7 that involved her boyfriend, played by James LeGros. ...
  6. November (Fr: Novembre) was Gustave Flaubert's first completed work, a novella first completed in 1842.
  7. November is a 2007 play written by American playwright David Mamet.
  8. "November" is the fifth single of German pop/rock group Juli. It was the fifth and final release from their album, Es ist Juli. This single was their second single not to feature a promotional video. ...
  9. The letter N in the ICAO spelling alphabet
  10. To dream of November, augers a season of indifferent success in all affairs.
  11. 11: Pepero Day. The chocolate covered biscuit sticks are eaten or given out as presents since it resembles the day “11.11″
  12. November 5   SAT & Subject Tests (10/7, 10/21)
  13. One of the twelve months of the European year received from the Romans. All Saints Day (November 1) of the Christian calendar, which replaced, especially in Celtic lands, a previous festival dedicated not only to all the dead, and especially the worthy dead, but likewise to endings — an idea ...
  14. the word assigned to represent the letter "N" in the international phonetic alphabet; at various times in different spelling schemes, it has also been acrophonetically represented as Nan and Nap. This is a "governing flag" in US Navy signals that also represents "negative". ...
  15. Agana Heights: Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament
  16. ASL Video Dictionary and Inflection Guide *, Signing Online *, LessonTutor, ASL Pro
  17. Doherty was admitted into the exclusive US rehabilitation clinic, The Meadows, but checked out after just six days. In the early hours of November 30, 2005, police stopped his car on Cleveland Road, Ealing, W13, due to the erratic manner of his driving. ...
  18. quartz, most people think of smoky (brown) also comes in gold (citrine).
  19. 2010- ARBA Convention - Broken Junior Buck - Open Show - Gulliver - 25 out of 90!
  20. Meat. Beef, mutton, veal, pork, house lamb, doe venison, poultry and game. Fish as the last month.—Vegetables. Carrots, turnips, parsnips, potatoes, skirrets, onions, leeks, shalots, cabbage, savoys, colewort, spinach, cardoons, cresses, endive, celery, lettuces, salad, herbs.—Fruit. ...
  21. Military phonetic for the letter 'N'.
  22. The name comes from novem, "nine".
  23. n lelon-as-v- onin lelon-as-v-onin
  24. 4: Sweden - theatrical release
  25. NovembroF, novembrouz