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novels, plural;
  1. New or unusual in an interesting way
    • - he hit on a novel idea to solve his financial problems
  1. A fictitious prose narrative of book length, typically representing character and action with some degree of realism
    • - the novels of Jane Austen
  2. A book containing such a narrative
    • - she was reading a paperback novel
  3. The literary genre represented or exemplified by such works
    • - the novel is the most adaptable of all literary forms

  1. an extended fictional work in prose; usually in the form of a story
  2. fresh: original and of a kind not seen before; "the computer produced a completely novel proof of a well-known theorem"
  3. a printed and bound book that is an extended work of fiction; "his bookcases were filled with nothing but novels"; "he burned all the novels"
  4. pleasantly new or different; "common sense of a most refreshing sort"
  5. (novelist) one who writes novels
  6. A novel is a long narrative in literary prose. The genre has historical roots both in the fields of the medieval and early modern romance and in the tradition of the novella. The latter supplied the present generic term in the late 18th century.
  7. Novel is the second album released by singer Joey Pearson. This second album of Pearson's has one of his songs from his debut album, Don't Give Up, which was extended and remixed for the new album. It also contains a version of Stevie Wonder's Living for the City.
  8. Novel is a 2008 Malayalam film produced and directed by East Coast Vijayan. This is East Coast Vijayan's debut directorial movie.
  9. Alonzo Mario Stevenson, (born September 3, 1981) professionally known as Novel, is an American hip-hop artist based in Los Angeles, California. He is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer.
  10. The Novel (1991) is a novel written by American author James A. Michener.
  11. (Novels (Roman law)) The Novellae Constitutiones (new constitutions, Νεαραί), or Justinian's Novels, are one of the four major units of Roman law created by Roman Emperor Justinian I in the course of his long reign (527-565). The other three pieces are: the Code, the Digest, and the Institutes. ...
  12. A novelty; something new. [15th-18th c.]; A fable; a short tale, especially one of many making up a larger work. [from 16th c.]; A work of prose fiction, longer than a short story. [from 17th c.]; A new legal constitution in ancient Rome. [from 17th c. ...
  13. (Novelist) used with World History Classes for selecting historical fiction
  14. A novelist (from, Italian novella, Spanish novela, French nouvelle for "new", "news", or "short story of something new") today writes a long written, fictional, prose narrative. ...
  15. (Novels) (R.W.B. Lewis, ed.) (The Library of America, 1986) ISBN 978-0-94045031-8. Includes The House of Mirth, The Reef, The Custom of the Country, and The Age of Innocence.
  16. (Novels) A Study in Scarlet · The Sign of the Four · The Hound of the Baskervilles · The Valley of Fear A portrait of Sherlock Holmes by Sidney Paget from the Strand Magazine, 1891 Sherlock Holmes is a fictional detective of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, who first appeared in ...
  17. (Novels) Chokher Bali · Ghare Baire · Nastanirh · Jogajog · Shesher Kobita
  18. (Novels) Stained Glass (1979) | Who's on First (1980) | Marco Polo, if You Can (1982) | The Story of Henri Tod (1984) | See You Later, Alligator (1985) | High Jinx (1986) | Mongoose R.I.P. (1987) | Tucker's Last Stand (1990) | A Very Private Plot (1994) | Last Call for Blackford Oakes (2005)
  19. (Novels) The Positronic Man · The Caves of Steel · The Naked Sun · The Robots of Dawn · Robots and Empire
  20. The novels are considered a form of "official" fan fiction. They are created without the participation of the show's creators, but as long as it doesn't contradict anything shown on TV, information culled from these stories are fit for inclusion on the LOST Wikia. ...
  21. Dare we touch this one with a ten foot pole? Of course we dare, provided that you accept the caveat that novels are so varied that any definition is likely to be inadequate to cover all of them. ...
  22. A fictional prose work of substantial length. The novel narrates the actions of characters who are entirely the invention of the author and who are placed in an imaginary setting. ...
  23. An extended work of fiction. Like a short story, a novel is essentially the product of a writer’s imagination. Because the novel is much longer than the short story, the writer can develop a wider range of characters and a more complex plot. See Fiction, Short story
  24. A fictitious prose narrative of considerable length and complexity, portraying characters and usually presenting a sequential organization of action and scenes. Derived from "new kind of story". ...
  25. A long fictional narrative written in prose, which developed from the novella and other early forms of narrative. A novel is usually organized under a plot or theme with a focus on character development and action. ...