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nodded, past tense; nodded, past participle; nods, 3rd person singular present; nodding, present participle;
  1. Lower and raise one's head slightly and briefly, esp. in greeting, assent, or understanding, or to give someone a signal
    • - he nodded to Monica to unlock the door
    • - she nodded her head in agreement
  2. Signify or express (greeting, assent, or understanding) in this way
    • - he nodded his consent
  3. Draw or direct attention to someone or something by moving one's head
    • - he nodded toward the corner of the room
  4. Move one's head up and down repeatedly
    • - he shut his eyes, nodding to the beat
    • - foxgloves nodding by the path
  5. Have one's head fall forward when drowsy or asleep
    • - Anna nodded over her book
  1. An act of nodding the head
    • - at a nod from his father, he left the room
  2. A gesture of acknowledgment or concession
    • - a feel-good musical with a nod to pantomime

  1. a sign of assent or salutation or command
  2. express or signify by nodding; "He nodded his approval"
  3. lower and raise the head, as to indicate assent or agreement or confirmation; "The teacher nodded when the student gave the right answer"
  4. the act of nodding the head
  5. let the head fall forward through drowsiness; "The old man was nodding in his chair"
  6. sway gently back and forth, as in a nodding motion; "the flowers were nodding in the breeze"
  7. A nod of the head is a gesture in which the head is tilted in alternating up and down arcs along the sagittal plane. In many cultures, it is most commonly, but not universally, used to indicate agreement, acceptance, or acknowledgment.
  8. Nods may refer to: *Nods, Switzerland *Nods, Doubs, France
  9. (Nods (Berne)) Nods is a municipality in the Jura bernois administrative district in the canton of Bern in Switzerland, located in the French-speaking Bernese Jura (Jura Bernois).
  10. An instance of moving one's head as described above; To incline the head up and down, as to indicate agreement; To incline (the head) up and down, as to indicate agreement; To gradually fall asleep; To make a mistake by being temporarily inattentive or tired; To move (the head) so it faces ...
  11. (Nodding) A flower that is bent downward or sidewise on the stem.
  12. (nodding) three-dimensional, as in nodding ogee arches. Such arches bend forward at the apex, away from the wall.
  13. Lowering the head so that it's fully extended, as in to win by a nod.
  14. Lowering of head. Winning in that manner.
  15. (1) stands for nucleotide oligomerization domain; (2) Nod, a bacterial factor involved in stimulating the formation of root nodules on plants; (3) Nod; a protein involved in inflammatory responses in the gut
  16. Notice of Deficiency:  A notice issued by the DEP to the person responsible for conducting the remediation in response to a submittal that fails to comply with the requirements of the Technical Requirements for Site Remediation (N.J.A.C. 7:26E).  A NOD is not a formal enforcement action.
  17. nucleotide-binding oligomerization domain, an intracellular receptor responding to LPS
  18. (nahd). One of the 100 corporeal members of Caligastia's staff see Ang). Nod headed the commission on industry and trade, and became leader of those 60 staff members who joined the rebellion. (747,1)[66:5.11].
  19. Exile; wandering; unrest, a name given to the country to which Cain fled (Gen 4:16). It lay on the east of Eden.
  20. Acronym for network outward dialing. An automated PBX service feature that provides for outgoing calls to be dialed directly from the user terminal.
  21. to be high on heroin, and temporarily fall asleep and have little 20 or 30 second dreams that seem to last hours.
  22. means to say yes by moving your head up and down. What’s the word?
  23. Short for Notice Of Default.
  24. Slang for the euphoric semiconscious state that opiates produce.
  25. an RM recruit before passing Commando course, in this phase they wear a blue beret, or the more tactical 'cap comforter' once they enter the commando stage of training, and the expression is thought to derive from the bend forward or nod that recruits tend to do rather than keeping their back ...