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Newly received or noteworthy information, esp. about recent or important events,
  1. Newly received or noteworthy information, esp. about recent or important events
    • - I've got some good news for you
  2. A broadcast or published report of news
    • - he was back in the news again
  3. Information not previously known to someone
    • - this was hardly news to her
  4. A person or thing considered interesting enough to be reported in the news
    • - Chanel became the hottest news in fashion

  1. information about recent and important events; "they awaited news of the outcome"
  2. information reported in a newspaper or news magazine; "the news of my death was greatly exaggerated"
  3. news program: a program devoted to current events, often using interviews and commentary; "we watch the 7 o'clock news every night"
  4. informal information of any kind that is not previously known to someone; "it was news to me"
  5. newsworthiness: the quality of being sufficiently interesting to be reported in news bulletins; "the judge conceded the newsworthiness of the trial"; "he is no longer news in the fashion world"
  6. , is a six-member Japanese musical group consisting of Keiichiro Koyama, Ryo Nishikido, Tomohisa Yamashita, Takahisa Masuda, Shigeaki Kato and Yuya Tegoshi. The group's name is an acronym based on the cardinal directions (North, East, West, South) and the members locations. ...
  7. NeWS (for Network extensible Window System) was a windowing system developed by Sun Microsystems in the mid 1980s. Originally known as "SunDew", its primary authors were James Gosling and David S. H. Rosenthal. ...
  8. News is the communication of information on current events which is presented by print, broadcast, Internet, or word of mouth to a third party or mass audience.
  9. The Network of European Worldshops (NEWS!) was established in 1994 and coordinates the cooperation between Worldshops in Europe. ...
  10. NEWS (NEWS) was a free, ad-financed daily German language tabloid format newspaper in Switzerland, launched on 5 December 2007 and discontinued on 4 December 2009. Its name is derived from the English word “News”.
  11. Verlagsgruppe News Gesellschaft m.b.H. (News Publishing Group) is an Austrian publishing company that publishes fifteen magazines, including profil, a monthly news magazine, News, a weekly news magazine, and News online.
  12. A News, originally known simply as "news," was the first widely distributed program for serving and reading Usenet newsgroups. ...
  13. A News (formerly A-Channel News) is the name of local newscasts on the A television system in Canada.
  14. The News was an afternoon daily tabloid newspaper in the city of Adelaide, South Australia.
  15. The News was a short-lived New Wave band formed in 1977, by Sam Smith (lead vocals, guitar), Graham Culpin (bass), Lindsay Elliott (drums) (previously with Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel), Richard James Burgess (of Landscape) (drums) and Michael Taylor (keyboards).
  16. Lerner Newspapers was once the largest chain of weekly newspapers in the world. Founded by Leo Lerner, the chain was a force in community journalism in Chicago from 1926 to 2005.
  17. Choate Rosemary Hall (also known as Choate) is a private, college-preparatory, coeducational boarding school located in Wallingford, Connecticut. ...
  18. The News is a Mexican English-language newspaper that is published in Mexico City five days per week, Monday through Friday. With the exception of the five years between 2002 and 2007, the newspaper has published continuously since its founding on July 5, 1950. ...
  19. The News (formerly The Evening News) is a daily newspaper serving Pictou County, Nova Scotia
  20. Portsmouth News is the only paid-for newspaper in Portsmouth, England. It is produced by Johnston Press, owners of Portsmouth Publishing & Printing at their headquarters in Hilsea, Portsmouth. ...
  21. New information of interest; Reports of current events broadcast via media such as newspapers or television