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  1. The Fearsome Five is a fictional group of comic book supervillains from DC Comics. They were created by George Pérez and Marv Wolfman, and first appeared in The New Teen Titans #3 (January 1981), going on to become recurring adversaries for that superhero group. ...
  2. Mohamed Mahmoud (Arabic: محمد محمود, born March 24, 1985 in Cairo), aka Nano, is an Egyptian footballer who currently plays for Wadi Degla Sporting Club. Left-footed, he plays as a central defender or defensive midfielder.
  3. NANO is an international peer-reviewed scientific journal published by World Scientific, covering recent developments and discussions in the field of nanoscience and technology. The journal was established in 2006 with six issues annually. ...
  4. Victoriano Rivas Álvaro, aka Nano (born July 7, 1980 in Ciudad Real, Castile-La Mancha), is a Spanish footballer who currently plays for Levante UD of the Spanish first division, mainly as a (left-footed) central defender.
  5. Fernando Macedo da Silva Rodilla, aka Nano (born 20 April 1982 in A Coruña, Galicia), is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for CD Numancia, as a left winger.
  6. This article lists characters of Star Trek in their various canonical incarnations. This includes fictional major characters and fictional minor characters created for Star Trek, fictional characters not originally created for Star Trek, and real-life persons appearing in a fictional manner, ...
  7. In March 2009, Tata Motors began selling its "one-lakh car", the Tata Nano. The Nano brings the comforts of a car within the reach of thousands of families that previously could not afford one. It is the cheapest car in the world today, with the standard version priced little more than US $2,000.
  8. In computing, nano is a curses-based text editor for Unix and Unix-like systems. It is a clone of Pico, the editor of the Pine email client. Nano aims to emulate Pico as closely as possible and perhaps include extra functionality.
  9. The nanotechnology industry, or a product of such industry
  10. (Nanos) Defensive plays where a  player shoots through the offensive line and is not blocked usually resulting in an easy sack.
  11. A prefix meaning one billionth (1/1,000,000,000).
  12. A prefix that divides a basic unit by one billion (10^-9).
  13. Latin word for “dwarf.” One nanometer is one-billionth (10^-9) of a meter, a diameter of 3–6 atoms.
  14. a prefix utilized in the metric system of measurement that denotes 10 to the negative 9 power (10^-9 ) or 0.000 000 001; 0.1 Angstroms; symbol is n.
  15. 10^-9.  One-billionth; a thousandth of a "micro".  See the Hacker's Dictionary for the full list of quantifiers.
  16. Prefix in the Systeme International d'Unites (SI) indicating one billionth, 1x10^-9. One nanosecond equals one billionth of a second, or 10^-9 sec.
  17. Measurement: SI / Metric unit of decimal measurement, equal to 10^-9 or 0.000000001.
  18. prefix meaning one billionth (x10^-9), symbol is n.
  19. or vi <file>: open <file> in a text editor
  20. Mainframe equivalent of a minute. ("Just a nano, Enzo.") RB: 1
  21. A metric prefix equivalent to 10^-9 (0.000 000 001)
  22. Term used for abilities using Nanobots. Shortened term for Nanoformula.
  23. An unofficial cache size. A nano cache is usually considerably smaller than the typical micro. One popular container is approximately the size of an eraser on the end of a pencil.
  24. Prefix to unit of measure meaning 10-9
  25. A recent trend in the aquarium hobby, “nano” means small and nano tanks usually refer to small saltwater or reef tanks around 20 gallons (the term is loosely applied up to 40 gallons, but 20 is a general consensus). ...