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myths, plural;
  1. A traditional story, esp. one concerning the early history of a people or explaining some natural or social phenomenon, and typically involving supernatural beings or events

  2. Such stories collectively
    • - the heroes of Greek myth
  3. A widely held but false belief or idea
    • - he wants to dispel the myth that sea kayaking is too risky or too strenuous
    • - there is a popular myth that corporations are big people with lots of money
  4. A misrepresentation of the truth
    • - attacking the party's irresponsible myths about privatization
  5. A fictitious or imaginary person or thing

  6. An exaggerated or idealized conception of a person or thing
    • - the book is a scholarly study of the Churchill myth

  1. a traditional story accepted as history; serves to explain the world view of a people
  2. (mythic) relating to or having the nature of myth; "a novel of almost mythic consequence"
  3. (mythic) fabulous: based on or told of in traditional stories; lacking factual basis or historical validity; "mythical centaurs"; "the fabulous unicorn"
  4. Myth is a text adventure game by Magnetic Scrolls released in .
  5. Myth ISBN 1843862670 is a dark erotic fantasy, the first novel by English writer R. J. Dent. It was published by Vanguard/Pegasus in July 2006.
  6. Myth is a series of real-time tactics computer games. The games are: *Myth: The Fallen Lords *' *Myth III: The Wolf Age'
  7. Myth was a warez group, focused on cracking and ripping PC games. Besides ripped games, the group also released trainers and cracked updates for games.
  8. Continuously playing since its inception in 1990 makes The Myth one of the longest standing rock bands in Malta. Formed by Dion Farrell on guitars and vocals and Mark Galea on drums, the band now also features Patrick Mifsud on bass and Etienne Farrell on guitars and vocals.
  9. The Myth is a 2005 Hong Kong action-fantasy-adventure film directed by Stanley Tong, starring Jackie Chan, Tony Leung Ka-Fai, Kim Hee-sun and Mallika Sherawat.
  10. A traditional story which embodies a belief regarding some fact or phenomenon of experience, and in which often the forces of nature and of the soul are personified; a sacred narrative regarding a god, a hero, the origin of the world or of a people, etc; such stories as a genre; A commonly-held ...
  11. (mythic) Larger-than-life; Mythical; existing in myth
  12. (myths) stories about the origin of the universe, humans, and natural events (discredited religious stories)
  13. (MYTHS) (about Parrots) — There are so many myths about parrots and their behavior that have become “truths” because they have been perpetuated over and over and over .... especially on the Internet. Many of these myths have no basis in fact.
  14. (Myths) a combination of paradigms and syntagms that make up an oft-told story with elaborate cultural associations, e.g., the cowboy myth, the romance myth.
  15. (Myths) are examples of non-rational theories. They are culturally significant stories or explanations which serve several purposes. The following listing of four types of myths is taken from [5] quoted in [4].
  16. (Myths) the traditional narratives of any culturally bound group, typically exemplified in stories and/or characters that have emotional and cognitive resonance with such a group and that represents its values and ideals.
  17. Many myths and fallacies have been perpetuated about contortionists; most of them are due to the general public's ignorance of human anatomy and physiology, while some are showman's hype that has been invented by the performers themselves or their promoters in order to make the act appear even ...
  18. Myths are traditional stories of a religious nature that have usually been passed down from an earlier, more primitive stage of a society. Many of them try to describe the origin of the world, activities of gods and goddesses, and the early history of humankind. ...
  19. The myths of a culture are the beliefs that are held unquestioningly about the society: for example, in American society that everyone has equal educational and job opportunities; that all Americans strive to achieve the American Dream; that the American Dream means having a well paying job, ...
  20. A narrative story associated with the religion, philosophy, or collective psychology of various societies and cultures.
  21. A story of an intracosmic ground: taking one thing in the cosmos as the ground of being of another.
  22. An unverifiable story based on a religious belief. The characters of myths are gods and goddesses, or the offspring of the mating of gods or godesses and humans. Some myths detail the creation of the earth, while others may be about love, adventure, trickery, or revenge. ...
  23. A made up story often about gods and spirits which is told to explain things about the world.
  24. A traditional story passed down through generations that explains why the world is the way it is.
  25. An improvable story, almost always including incredible or miraculous events, that has no specific reference point or time in history.