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multitasked, past tense; multitasks, 3rd person singular present; multitasking, present participle; multitaskings, plural; multitasked, past participle;
  1. The simultaneous execution of more than one program or task by a single computer processor

  2. The handling of more than one task at the same time by a single person

  1. The simultaneous execution of multiple tasks (programs) under the control of an interrupt-driven operating system; The practice or capability of handling more than one task at the same time
  2. (multitask) To schedule and execute multiple tasks (program) simultaneously; control being passed from one to the other using interrupts; To handle multiple tasks at once
  3. (multitask) The ability of a computer's operating system or a GIS to handle more than one process at once; for example, editing and running a command sequence while extracting data from the database and displaying a map.
  4. (multitask) To run several programs simultaneously.
  5. (multi-tasked) A program configured to execute on several distributed processors simultaneously. See distributed memory.
  6. (n.) Executing many processes on a single processor. This is usually done by time-slicing the execution of individual processes and performing a context switch each time a process is swapped in or out, but is supported by special-purpose hardware in some computers. ...
  7. The ability of a CPU to perform more than one operation at the same time; Windows and Macintosh computers are multitasking in that each program that is running uses the CPU only for as long as needed and then control switches to the next task.
  8. In computing, multitasking is technique used in an operating system for sharing a single processor between several independent jobs. ...
  9. the ability to do more than one task at a time. Since you can actually only do one thing at a time, it really means that the computer can have more than one program in memory at one time, but only one can be fully active. ...
  10. The ability of an operating system to execute several programs (tasks) at once.
  11. System that can run two or more programs at the same time. [Apple's Multifinder, AT&T's UNIX and IBM's OS/2 are multitasking operating systems. By contrast, MS-DOS is a single-tasking operating system.]
  12. The execution of more than one program, apparently at the same time, on a computer. In reality, however, the computer rapidly switches its attention from one program to another, thus dividing its time. ...
  13. Not just the ability to run multiple applications or processes at once, but an umbrella term that talks about how webOS provides the user the ability to have multiple activities going on simultaneously and provides facilities (card view, notification manager, gestures) to easily move between ...
  14. The concurrent execution of several jobs.
  15. a  mode of operation where more than one sequence of computation is active at the same time.
  16. A programming condition that runs multiple tasks at the same time.
  17. requires for staff to take on a wider range of tasks, usually involving on-the-job training
  18. The process of switching from one operation to another quickly. This results in the appearance that several programs are running at the same time.
  19. Moving back and forth from one task to another.
  20. Providing services for many tasks that are active at the same time.
  21. Computers that can start one task and then move on to anther while the first continues to operate.
  22. Allows users to work with several programs at once without exiting any one program. The different programs are shown in different windows on the computer screen, and a user can work in different windows as needed. ...
  23. n.  The art of screwing up several things at once.
  24. The ability to simultaneously execute multiple applications within an operating system.
  25. To actively work on more than one task simultaneously.