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Including or involving several countries or individuals of several nationalities,
  1. Including or involving several countries or individuals of several nationalities
    • - 1,500 troops were sent to join the multinational force
  2. (of a business organization) Operating in several countries
    • - multinational corporations
  1. A company operating in several countries

  1. involving or operating in several nations or nationalities; "multinational corporations"; "transnational terrorist networks"
  2. a multinational company; of, or involving more than two countries; operating, or having subsidiary companies in multiple countries (especially more than two)
  3. (multinationals) Companies engaged in production and marketing in more than one country. Sometimes regarded as synonymous with transnationals although the latter has a slightly different meaning.
  4. Form of business organization that concentrates financial management and control out of a central home base while decentralizing.
  5. Involving more than two nations. The term multinational can be contrasted with binational or bilateral (only two) or unilateral (only one).
  6. Pertaining to activities or operations conducted by or through coordination with the military forces of two or more nations.
  7. A corporation that is spread across multiple nations. They are often very large and can be considered to have power over global politics.
  8. corporations (MNC) are often divided into three broad groups: